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North Berwick Seabird Centre plans finalised

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September 28 2017

North Berwick Seabird Centre plans finalised
Simpson & Brown have finalised designs for a new marine centre at North Berwick to coincide with the publication of an economic impact assessment suggesting that the attraction could benefit the East Lothian economy to the tune of 2.38m per year.

It is hoped that the £6.2m Seabird Centre could be operating by 2020, serving as a hub for marine education and research.

Andy Davey, partner at Simpson & Brown remarked: “The scheme will be able to accommodate the new education programmes and activities being developed in partnership with conservation and research organisations. The updated plans fit with the mix of buildings within the Conservation Area, minimise impact on the harbour and improve the public realm space."

Tom Brock OBE, CEO of the Scottish Seabird Centre, added: “The aim of the national marine centre is to build on the work undertaken by the Seabird Centre team by diversifying to incorporate the wider marine environment and wildlife above and below the waves, including seabirds."
The New marine centre at North Berwick
The New marine centre at North Berwick
The New marine centre at North Berwick - 2
The New marine centre at North Berwick - 2


brian sewell
#1 Posted by brian sewell on 29 Sep 2017 at 11:09 AM
North Berwick? Ghastly place full of ghastly people with their ghastly 4x4s now with a ghastly over-designed 1970s over-expressive visually-cluttered disjointed building complex to complete the set. Enjoy yourselves.

Bass Rock? Now that IS architecture.
#2 Posted by Robert on 29 Sep 2017 at 13:21 PM
The real story here is that their figures don't stack up and there is massive local opposition to the Seabird centre monopolising the harbour area. 25% of the town have already signed a petition against the project...
#3 Posted by Robert on 29 Sep 2017 at 13:24 PM
The form of the viewing deck bit is a bit rubblish - looks like one of those buildings that the designer wants to be curved but which can't be achieved with the cheapo cladding and glazing system.
#4 Posted by Matt on 29 Sep 2017 at 16:45 PM
All those angles, materials and 'bits' are giving me a headache. The entrance view of that Seaside-esque tower 'thing' crashing into the 90's PFI style school is abysmal.

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