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Falkirk champions city ambitions with £150m masterplan

July 13 2017

Falkirk champions city ambitions with £150m masterplan
Falkirk-based property development firm Bellair has outlined an ambitious vision to develop 6.7 acres of council-owned land around Grahamston railway station, to form a £150m extension of Falkirk town centre.

Proposals drawn by 3D Reid outline a new base for Falkirk Council services, a 500-seat arts venue, 300 homes, offices, leisure, retail and a multi-storey car park – all connected by enhanced landscaping and a link bridge over the railway line.

Bellair founder Alistair Campbell said: This development will help to draw people back into Falkirk’s historic town centre, creating extra footfall for the businesses that are already an integral part of our community and attracting other companies to be part of the next chapter in our story.

“We have to stop thinking of Falkirk as a town. The area is fragmented with local communities competing for investment. We need to think collectively and share a united vision for the region. If the population of Falkirk district was considered as one, it would have a population to rival Dundee, one of the biggest economies in Scotland. Falkirk, longer term, should be seen on a city level and the Grahamston project could fundamentally help enable this.”

Bellair have already rolled out a new business hub concept in the town and are keen to capitalise on its equidistant position between Glasgow and Edinburgh within the Central Belt – with Edinburgh 30min away by rail and Glasgow just 20 minutes down the track.

Falkirk Council is assessing its options in regard to a new Civic Centre in light of competing options.
A link bridge will knit together land bisected by the railway line
A link bridge will knit together land bisected by the railway line
Grahamston would be anchored by a new cicic centre and arts centre
Grahamston would be anchored by a new cicic centre and arts centre


#1 Posted by Ranter on 13 Jul 2017 at 12:33 PM
Without getting into the rent-a-style, over scaled, context ignoring architecture, images like this just make architects (and their clients) look bloody stupid.
Throngs of suited London stock brokers will not descend onto Falkirk to enjoy cocktails on glazed roof top balconies…with massive 20ft trees growing out of concrete slabs….no matter how wonderful they think developments like this are.
Zero sense of place or reference to the locality. It could be any scheme from planet crap by a tactless commercial firm.
Mr F Kirk
#2 Posted by Mr F Kirk on 13 Jul 2017 at 13:25 PM
Could this happen in Falkirk? I've seen 20ft trees before so I'm sure they can grow to this height. I think the people in suits would be the Falkirk Council employees, possibly from the civic centre or it could well be London Stock Brokers up to visit the Kelpies? I've also seen glass balustrades before, I'm sure this can also be done. Albeit probably only in London. I understand only Londeners can afford the astronomical cost of a glass balusrrade. Im not sure the people of Falkirk can grow tall trees, wear suits or buy glass. This will never happen.
Narky Ingels
#3 Posted by Narky Ingels on 13 Jul 2017 at 14:46 PM
'Planet Crap' is horrific patter.
#4 Posted by StyleCouncil on 13 Jul 2017 at 16:28 PM
How tall is that colonnade?

Neil C
#5 Posted by Neil C on 14 Jul 2017 at 10:54 AM
In the main, these plans look like an effective northern extension to the town centre, and I do believe trees will grow here despite #1's concerns. But more retail units on Grahams Road, of all places? Have the designers actually been to this rambling shambles of empty units and tanning salons? The last thing Falkirk needs is more retail space, particularly here.
#6 Posted by Neil on 15 Jul 2017 at 18:28 PM
I think what Ranter is referring to about the trees is the ones above the colonnade - you can see clearly the depth of structure they are growing out of and it is not big enough for trees this size (or probably any size).
Mr F Kirk
#7 Posted by Mr F Kirk on 16 Jul 2017 at 23:06 PM
I agree with #6.
If the trees were slightly smaller and in planters then this £150m masterplan could become a reality. Falkirk needs slightly smaller trees and a little less artistic licence than you very much.
#8 Posted by Ranter on 17 Jul 2017 at 09:41 AM
#7 do you really think 3d Reid have been using 'artistic licence' on this!?
I can see no evidence of any artistic input whatsoever..and zero relevant architectural input that is relevant to Falkirk. Its a concoction of hastily cribbed architecture to try and wow the masses. Its out of scale, lazy and best.
#9 Posted by StyleCouncil on 17 Jul 2017 at 09:55 AM
The building on the right looks awfully like a bad copy of Glasgow Colleges by Reiach and Hall. This would look utterly ridiculous on Garrisons Place. The master plan layout looks disjointed and without any real connection to context.
#7 such a large investment for the city, might me worth doing it properly. This reeks of quick fire opportunism.

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