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Highland Housing Fair Postponed for a Year

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July 4 2008

The Highland Housing Fair, billed as the first event of its kind in Scotland to showcase house designs of the future, has been unexpectedly postponed.

The event, scheduled to kick off in Inverness in a year's time, was intended to be a showpiece event where over 50 conceptual, sustainable houses would be on display, will now take place in August 2010. 

The downturn in the property market, the poor prospects for the resale of the homes to be constructed, and a lack of finance have been blamed for the postponement.

"A recommendation will be made to the Highland Housing Fair board to delay the Fair from August 2009 to August 2010, in recognition of the economic climate and the shortage of finance available to realise the ambitions of the developers who are committed to the project," the organisers said in a statement.

"The recommendation will be made at the meeting of the Highland Housing Fair board which will take place in August 2008."

It had been planned that the houses constructed for the fair would be available to buy, to become a "living community" once the fair ended.

Writing exclusively for, Peter Wilson speculated that fear of the declining property market may have prompted the postponement.

"Far better to delay than to fail ignominiously and in any case the reasons for the postponement can be readily understood by all," he writes.

"What developer was going to proceed – even had they been able to secure the necessary funding – with construction at current Inverness price levels when the bottom is dropping out of the housing market and likely to pummel the post-Housing Fair sales values?"

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