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University of Edinburgh alight on Quartermile for new educational facility

April 25 2017

University of Edinburgh alight on Quartermile for new educational facility
The University of Edinburgh has filed a change of use and restoration application to extend the A-listed surgical building at the former Edinburgh Royal Infirmary to form a new educational facility and events space.

Spearheaded by Bennetts Associates and Faithful & Gould the Quartermile initiative will repurpose the historic building to offer 21,300sq/m of floor space, 6,000sq/m of which will be new build. This work will see later additions stripped back to return the site to its original configuration of six Nightingale wards and a clocktower, restoring the distinctive Baronial pile to its former grandeur in the process.

Elsewhere two courtyards between the north wards will be partially infilled together with formation of a new entrance square, necessitating demolition of a small gatehouse, below which an events and lecture space will be housed.

Outlining the design concept Bennetts stated: “... the design concept turns an assemblage of isolated hospital wards into a highly-connected range of diverse accommodation, with vertical and horizontal connections forming an essential part of the building’s vitality.

“Beyond the walls of the building, the combination of garden spaces and the new entrance square will add greatly to the spatial diversity of the area and will change the perception of Lauriston Place as a traffic dominated thoroughfare to a generous and civic pedestrian environment.”

Construction is expected to start next year with occupation following around mid-2021.


#1 Posted by Basho on 26 Apr 2017 at 20:28 PM
Good to see this wonderful building being used again. However the new build additions look a bit clunky, and the square at the entrance looks a bit, er, empty. Could do with a bit stuff in it, perhaps a statue or two? Anything really.
Alison Hall
#2 Posted by Alison Hall on 28 Apr 2017 at 17:03 PM
The front square looks empty because they want to demolish the beautiful gatehouse! The "in fills" are badly designed and detract from the A listed original building. Just keep objecting and protect Edinburgh's heritage.
#3 Posted by Stephen on 29 Apr 2017 at 21:03 PM
Not only is there a danger that the new builds are clumsy but the south side will be very tightly hemmed in by a different development. A further (non-architectural) concern is the purpose of the building - so far only meaningless waffle from the University on this but £200mill already borrowed. Are we entering white elephant territory?

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