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Final phase of Oatlands regeneration proceeds

February 27 2017

Final phase of Oatlands regeneration proceeds
Holmes Miller have drafted plans for the final phase of regeneration in Oatlands for consideration by Glasgow City Council, concluding a 12-years and counting masterplan for the south side district to deliver 1,500 homes.

The latest application calls for 320 homes to be built fronting a refurbished Richmond Park, which will be given a new model boat clubhouse as part of the work. This will extend the estate through to Shawfield Junction and form a new gateway.

Situated to the east of the current community the concluding element would take the form of seven landscaped apartment blocks overlooking parkland with private balconies.

Regeneration of the 32-hectare site in Oatlands began in April 2005 with Holmes Miller delivering a prior phase of works which saw 378 homes delivered on behalf of Bett Homes.
Homes will have expansive views across a re-landscaped Richmond Park
Homes will have expansive views across a re-landscaped Richmond Park


#1 Posted by Jamesy on 27 Feb 2017 at 15:31 PM
Wow, view 2 is terrifying....i can't believe rubbish like this is still being proposed in 2017. Looks like 1980's Wester Hailes.
Why don't they reduce the scale of the buildings, design better quality space in between the buildings and get rid of the big useless sperm shaped, soul-less park next to the, erm, park.

Paul Sweeney
#2 Posted by Paul Sweeney on 27 Feb 2017 at 16:48 PM
Go over to Pollokshields and take notes on how to design a proper urban streetscape based on a proven tenemental structure that has endured for over a century as the pre-eminent model for residential and mixed use communities in Glasgow. The density and dead space here is woeful. The B-listed St Margaret's Polmadie Church and Halls are also left isolated and are not incorporated. It's really not that hard to make this work given the immediate amenity of Richmond Park and proximity to the city centre!
#3 Posted by Ewan on 27 Feb 2017 at 18:17 PM
This is not in Oatlands or on the edge of Richmond park, it`s IN Richmond park! As for " refurbishing the park". How does building private houses in a public park equate to a refurbishment? We would be losing about one fifth of the park to fix up the old boat house not to mention how many beautiful old trees would need to be chopped. Surely the council could fix the model boat house themselves .... seems like they've already fixed it though.. with miller.
David Graham
#4 Posted by David Graham on 27 Feb 2017 at 20:18 PM
Think some of the above comments are a little harsh. Compared to the rest of the Oatlands development which is totally non descript, classic house builder, could-be-anywhere and lacking any design credentials, this latest proposal looks fairly promising, with a decent materiality palette and a more high end aesthetic compared to the rest of the redeveloped area. However I totally agree that it is an absolute disgrace that St Margaret's church and halls are STILL derelict and have not been redeveloped. The refurbishment of this building should have been a stipulated condition of the planning permissions, and the housebuilders should have contributed some of their handsome profits to its redevelopment. It has been standing for years, slowly rotting away, and now it seems to be the focal point of what looks like a car park!
#5 Posted by Billy on 27 Feb 2017 at 22:03 PM
Like that the park will be opened up and incorporated into the development. Should generate more footfall in the park and make the park feel safer. The homes should sell quickly given the proximity to the city centre, the motorway and the park itself. Would be nicer with more variety of home designs and heights.
Alistair Houston
#6 Posted by Alistair Houston on 28 Feb 2017 at 10:44 AM
This is actually looks better than the other buildings they built in the regeneration, I say build because this is the best they can do with the budget.

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