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Photographer depicts Glasgow architecture in new light

February 15 2017

Photographer depicts Glasgow architecture in new light
Glasgow’s architecture has come into focus at a new exhibition which shows familiar places in a new light through careful consideration of the northern light within which the city occasionally basks.

‘Glasgow Shadows’ was shot by Robin Johnston depicts deserted alleys and grandiose structures lent a film noire-esque feel by a polarizing filter and a keen eye for detail and can currently be found hanging within Skypark’s gallery space.

Commenting on the exhibition Johnston said: “Glasgow’s unique light gives the images a gritty, cinematic feel that document the life of the people and the contrasts in architecture. I’ve tried to explore the various kinds of texture and light found in Glasgow and capture unusual moments that would otherwise pass unnoticed.”

Key locations captured by the shoot include the Sauchiehall Centre, Govanhill, Red Road and Buchanan Street.

The exhibition will run through to 4 March during business hours at Skypark, Finnieston.
The Sauchiehall Centre is at its best in the shade
The Sauchiehall Centre is at its best in the shade


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