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7N outline ‘industrial’ Fountainbridge vision

February 7 2017

7N outline ‘industrial’ Fountainbridge vision
EDI Group and 7N Architects have put forward proposals for the office component of their £200m India Quay vision at Fountainbridge, Edinburgh.

The second phase of development at the industrial site will offer 12,171sq/m of office space alongside 1,526sq/m of retail and leisure fronting a new civic square at the Leamington Lift Bridge.

High quality materials including brass, bronze, timber and smoked brick are envisaged for the scheme although the final product selection won’t be specified until detailed design work is completed.

In their design statement 7N said: “A simple and refined palette of materials has been chosen for the E2 office building, drawing on the industrial heritage of the site. The proposed materials also complement the design of the wider India Quay masterplan and aim to support the goal of a coherent development with a strong sense of place.

“An indicative palette of materials and product names has been selected and is illustrated here to demonstrate the design intent.”

The wider India Quay masterplan seeks to build a permeable urban neighbourhood with priority given to walking routes along the Union canal.
The plot faces a planned civic square
The plot faces a planned civic square
The proposals are likely to evolve further during detailed design work
The proposals are likely to evolve further during detailed design work


#1 Posted by Daniel on 7 Feb 2017 at 13:17 PM
Does anyone know what's going on with the PRS / build-to-rent phase?

It was meant to start last autumn and the community garden stuff has mostly moved away, but nothing seems to have happened. The last Canalside Initiative newsletter made mention of an investor pullout post-Brexit, but I've not seen any confirmation of this elsewhere.
#2 Posted by Basho on 8 Feb 2017 at 11:57 AM
This whole development looks promising, but seems to be taking an age to get going. Distinct lack of activity on site.
I hope this isn't Brexit Related Jitters. A painful condition that requires soothing ointment.

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