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LDN seek to up density with Morningside infill

January 27 2017

LDN seek to up density with Morningside infill
LDN Architects are looking to break the mould of bog standard housing design with plans for 11 flats on the site of a 1960s-public convenience.

Abutting an existing tenement on Canaan Lane in Edinburgh’s Morningside conservation area the six-storey scheme has been conceived as a ‘visual stop’ to an urban block before it reduces in scale to two storey villas and will be faced in brick chosen to harmonise with sandstone neighbours.

Outlining their design strategy LDN noted: “By stepping the building eaves down on the front elevation, this allows the gable return to be in a mix of brickwork and zinc cladding.  The gable elevation will remain visible when looking back along Canaan Lane towards Morningside Road and this is one of the key views of the site.

“While storey heights of the proposed development do not match those of the adjacent tenement, traditionally scaled window opening proportions will help to integrate the building into its surroundings.”

A recessed ground floor entrance will offer shared access to the apartments and a neighbouring commercial space.
large format windows will maximise light to the properties
large format windows will maximise light to the properties


#1 Posted by Philip on 27 Jan 2017 at 13:20 PM
Really?..Erm, this aesthetic is now the new bog standard....Pitsligo Road, Newbattle Terrace development, Brunswick Road i could go on...

Looks crazy in the 2nd image...really awkward
#2 Posted by T.H.Ford on 27 Jan 2017 at 13:59 PM
Architectural Bland & uninteresting. No detailing just a blank facade that is supposed to be good? Also out of keeping with the local area. Need I go on? Come on LDN be better than this, you can design and do it well on a budget.
#3 Posted by Terra on 27 Jan 2017 at 14:06 PM
Are they being ironic?
#4 Posted by mick on 27 Jan 2017 at 15:01 PM
"large format windows will maximise light to the properties" woop woop. Stunning and totally groundbreaking stuff.
Kyle Gladly
#5 Posted by Kyle Gladly on 27 Jan 2017 at 16:28 PM
well its a difficult thing to try and create a backdrop for activity within the city. Buildings shouldnt draw attention.
SB Morningside
#6 Posted by SB Morningside on 27 Jan 2017 at 21:17 PM
LDN have produced some great stuff over the years but they have also produced some very bland projects lately. Mass housing does not appear to be their strong point, their student housing at potterow is extremely dull as is the neighbouring dance studio.
Emiliano Zapata
#7 Posted by Emiliano Zapata on 27 Jan 2017 at 22:37 PM
Morningside? Who cares.
#8 Posted by paul on 28 Jan 2017 at 12:12 PM
Top Heavy.
#9 Posted by Basho on 28 Jan 2017 at 17:36 PM
The blank elevation in the second image is surprisingly bad. Why on earth purposely design an almost featureless wall, visible the length of Canaan Lane? The moneyed masses of Morningside will not be happy.
#10 Posted by bossco on 31 Jan 2017 at 13:47 PM
An architect saying they will 'up the density' and 'Break the Mould'. Two terms that strike fear into any Planners heart.

Case and Point here. Utterly depressing architecture.
Islands of sanity
#11 Posted by Islands of sanity on 2 Feb 2017 at 17:38 PM
It would be a canny man to just agree with the above rather strongly worded statements, but in conservation terms, this is more neutral than negative.

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