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‘Opulent’ Parkhead apartments launched

December 30 2016

‘Opulent’ Parkhead apartments launched
A development of 78 one and two bedroom apartments in the Parkhead area of Glasgow has been launched by Daniel Johns for completion by the fourth quarter of 2018.

Encompassing seven separate buildings the scheme will offer residents a rich range of amenities from a concierge, housekeeping and laundry to a private gym and swimming pool.

Setting out the scheme in their marketing the developer said: “HiLux Glasgow incorporates the UK’s fondness for unrivalled opulence, offering a number of residential amenities to heighten the feel of luxury living, to name a few; an on-site gym, games room, swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

“Furthermore a beautifully landscaped communal garden area was purposefully designed with residents in mind.”

Designed by 3DReid the proposal will include floor to ceiling windows with open plan lounge/kitchenettes and a choice of two pre-designed interiors.


#1 Posted by Basho on 3 Jan 2017 at 16:09 PM
OED definition of opulence: 'Great wealth or luxuriousness'. The above images look like student halls. Also, any development that doesn't have an aromatherapy breakfast room can't call itself opulent.
Jimbob Tanktop
#2 Posted by Jimbob Tanktop on 3 Jan 2017 at 20:56 PM
My old place had an aromatherapy breakfast room, and it made all my Pop Tarts smell of patchouli. Not long after I left, Brexit happened. I'm not saying the two are directly connected but...makes you think.
#3 Posted by George on 4 Jan 2017 at 13:30 PM
Good in principle, but these honestly look more like Portakabins stacked up, rather than anything remotely 'opulent'.
#4 Posted by modernish on 4 Jan 2017 at 16:31 PM
The fence to the street says 'offenders' rather than opulence. But my favourite part of the press release is where it talks about amenity 'heightening the feel of luxury living'; so not actually luxury living, just the feel of it. G to the rim.
#5 Posted by Liam on 4 Jan 2017 at 16:51 PM
Going by where they're positioned - opposite the pizza hut - looks like they'll have a lovely view of the Retail Park too! A snip at £188k a property!
#6 Posted by Sven on 4 Jan 2017 at 22:12 PM
More East London than East Glasgow. The architecture is very brown showbox. Do people who live in the East End of Glasgow have a requirement for a concierge or private swimming pool and with the 'landscaped gardens' is all sounds like very high service charges of over a few grand per year...basically this might work in the West End or some parts of Edinburgh or Aberdeen but Haghill-Parkhead then I can see why they are using marketing as they are going to need it.
#7 Posted by Les on 5 Jan 2017 at 16:49 PM
Looking at the Planning Portal, this appears to offer some departure, from the consented scheme - certainly in respect of elevational treatment - so not sure as to the status of these current visuals...

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