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New homes planned for Scottish Power’s Cathcart HQ

November 1 2016

New homes planned for Scottish Power’s Cathcart HQ
Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes have prepared plans for the development of land at Cathcart House, Glasgow, to form a residential development at the former Scottish Power HQ.

The in-house design will see a mix of housing take the place of surface car parks together with public realm improvements.
A key component of the project will be a ‘western boulevard’ centered on the axis of Cathcart House lined by three storey terraces and newly planted trees it will form the main entrance to the site.

This will be joined by a ‘terrace garden’ that will offer residents their own open space at the foot of Cathcart House, deferring to the scale and presence of the historic landmark.

In their design statement the applicants observed: “The Northern Terrace Garden is a strongly defined feature fronted by linked buildings but providing a more open enclosure.

“This space continues out from Cathcart House towards the existing retaining wall where the ground drops revealing spectacular views across Glasgow. Here we have relocated another historic existing structure to form a stepped pedestrian access down to the remaining Northern peninsula of the site. The new apartment blocks are located at the base of this existing wall and here help frame the views out from Cathcart House.”

Lower density housing will be located to the site periphery along the banks of the White Cart River.
New build elements will be faced in brick and render
New build elements will be faced in brick and render
Public realm improvements will create a defined waterside edge
Public realm improvements will create a defined waterside edge


#1 Posted by David on 1 Nov 2016 at 13:38 PM
Such a pity that more is not being done with this site. My heart sank when I saw in house design by Barratt and David Wilson Homes. Glad to see the historic buildings are being retained and converted, but it seems they have superimposed a piece of Darnley or another suburban area into the dense urban fabric of south Glasgow. Very disappointing indeed.
#2 Posted by Kaiser on 1 Nov 2016 at 13:39 PM
Yet another missed opportunity to develop a key site in the South-side of the city.

Just another drab house-builder product being deployed on an inner city site. Can they not reference the industrial past of the site or the hosing typologies within the local context i.e tenements or the terraced housing of Newlands / Muirend.

Lets hope the Planners see sense.
Sue Pearman
#3 Posted by Sue Pearman on 1 Nov 2016 at 15:04 PM
Holy moley! they've manages to sit an anonymous suburban noddy box village smack in the middle of the fantastically tenemented South Side. Absolutely horrendous!
#4 Posted by George on 1 Nov 2016 at 17:37 PM
Very sad indeed, a huge opportunity missed for a nice inner city development. Could never imagine this happening in some of the other international cities that Glasgow supposedly competes with.
Also what is the fascination with white render?
#5 Posted by Matt on 1 Nov 2016 at 18:32 PM
Tragic scheme.
#6 Posted by wonky on 1 Nov 2016 at 19:04 PM
I can't believe this is for real. Utterly dismal. I've no words adequate to express my despair at such a dreadful proposal. A high density area with dinky houses next to it- presumably they're referencing the newlands 3 bed houses behind Scottish Power rather than the magnificent tenements at the front? Truly depressing.
#7 Posted by Charlie_ on 2 Nov 2016 at 09:30 AM
This isn't to excuse the execrable aesthetic but the site is very cut off by the river and, barring the addition of bridges to better knit it with it's surroundings, doesnt seem very well suited to higher densities. In 'pedestrian shed' terms most the site's fairly isolated. Maybe I'm wrong.
Neil C
#8 Posted by Neil C on 2 Nov 2016 at 11:54 AM
I don't think this is all that bad. People are complaining that it disrespects the area's tenement heritage, but almost all of those tenements are on the White Cart's northern bank. The southern bank is dominated by two-storey terraces of varying vintages, so modern semis and detached villas make sense. There are some apartment blocks planned as well, Barratt have retained the most characterful SP buildings, and the tree-lined entrance road will be better than most modern estates get.

Overall, this is a damn sight better than Darnley or Drumsagard, though the white render is awful and there isn't enough integration with the river.
#9 Posted by Victoria on 2 Nov 2016 at 21:35 PM
We live in the tenements directly across from Scottish Power and I can say we are definitely not looking forward to the development. Firstly, it doesn't 'fit' with the area-too modern and out of place. Secondly, the plans don't display parking for the would-be residents. One of the main problems for residents of Orchy and Gryffe streets are that they are both one way, and both are dominated by cars parked by employees of Scottish Power and Weirs Pumps. Parking in my own street is a nightmare as it is...if no parking or other solution is planned I foresee a very difficult time when I try to sell my property.
#10 Posted by frank on 7 Nov 2016 at 16:05 PM
Horrible! these house builders deserve a hard time! in particular this mob! don't have a clue!

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