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Waverley Mall to be decluttered as part of wider reconfiguration

September 21 2016

Waverley Mall to be decluttered as part of wider reconfiguration
Stallan Brand Architects have put forward proposals to reconfigure the roofscape of Edinburgh’s Waverley Mall to create an outdoor restaurant/bar and terrace alongside a re-clad tourist information centre.

Landscaping work at the 1980’s mall would see the current glazed roofs and gardens updated to maximise views of the Old Town whilst improving accessibility and minimising clutter.

This will see some raised planters removed and new hard landscaping instated to an existing lawn, with the existing tourist information centre turned into a restaurant and bar with full height glazing.

The tourist centre meanwhile would be relocated to a disused retail space and Visit Scotland call centre elsewhere on the roof.

In their design statement the architects remarked: “The proposals re-use existing structures and minimise new projections above the carefully established roof-line and maintain key sight-lines.

“Removal of a number of raised planters within the existing plaza layout helps to de-clutter the public realm and partial removal of the existing escape stair enclosure has the potential to greatly improve the established views and sight-lines from the key locations such as the main plaza space and from Princes Street.”


#1 Posted by basho on 21 Sep 2016 at 13:51 PM
Praise be! Considering its location this should be one of the best shopping centres around. Unfortunately, it's rubbish. The roof in particular is an insanely badly designed and under-used area. A glazed cafe has to be better than those daft shoulder height planters that are a total waste of space and block the views. Look forward to seeing the new designs. They have to be an improvement. I hope.
#2 Posted by David on 21 Sep 2016 at 21:30 PM
Well it had better be a glazed cafe...a rooftop terrace? In edinburgh? Good luck with that one, it will be usable 2 days a year
#3 Posted by Tam on 22 Sep 2016 at 15:28 PM
Where's the 'After' picture?

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