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CALA dust off 425 Ocean terminal homes

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July 27 2016

CALA dust off 425 Ocean terminal homes
CALA Homes have prepared detailed designs for 425 homes on brownfield land at Ocean Drive, Leith, comprising a mixture of apartments, colonies-style housing and town homes.

Waterfront Plaza will incorporate a new public space and café overlooking Victoria Dock as well as creating a pedestrian connection from the Shore area to Ocean Terminal.

Craig Lynes, land director at CALA Homes, said: “Leith has been transformed over the past 30 years, however progress has slowed. It is clear that there is a demand for a range of high quality properties to include desirable apartments and family homes in the area.

“This development not only helps address the substantial shortfall in housing that typifies the Edinburgh property market, but it will also provide excellent affordable housing in a project with high quality design appropriate to the waterfront location.”

Work could commence on-site by the early part of next year.
Differing elements of the scheme will be unified through their use of brick
Differing elements of the scheme will be unified through their use of brick
The prominent site has lain dormant since a 2006 residential proposal penned by RMJM fell through
The prominent site has lain dormant since a 2006 residential proposal penned by RMJM fell through


#1 Posted by Mike on 27 Jul 2016 at 14:44 PM
It's not got a patch on the Fountainbridge proposals. There are far too many mono-uses going on in the area. Shopping there, housing there, offices there where is the embracing of mixed use? No ground floor commercial uses onto Ocean Drive seems a completely missed opportunity to bring more active frontages and life to the street. Personally I also think there could be better use of more colour varieties and materials too.
#2 Posted by Terra on 27 Jul 2016 at 22:44 PM
That area really needs a decent quality development and this looks like it could be it.
I agree with Mike about there being more going on where it meets Ocean Drive but I would say that palette and materials are actually quite nice and appropriate.
I'm all for using bricks over render, especially when most devs seems obsessed with using white and bricks/stone fits the Edinburgh/Leith area better anyway.
#3 Posted by Basho on 27 Jul 2016 at 23:52 PM
Disappointing unambitious proposal. The area is a clean slate. Could be so much more. The comparison with India Quay is a good one. That will revitalise the area, whereas the above design looks pretty lifeless.
#4 Posted by CadMonkey on 28 Jul 2016 at 09:36 AM
The area needs this, but it looks like numerous other schemes gone up anywhere else in Edinburgh.
No engagement with the docks and the unique qualities of the site, in fact just end on gables to the docks as far as I can see.
The last image is most telling and demonstrates that there is too much monotony in the design and the site should be subdivided to provide variety of architecture with a similar materials palette.
It is a very important site and the Council should insist on design improvement.
But build it just like this, throw in a parking place and it will sell out fast regardless.

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