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Trump Turnberry refurbishment unveiled

July 13 2016

Trump Turnberry refurbishment unveiled
A new look Trump Turnberry has been shown off by contractors ISG following completion of refurbishment works at the Ayrshire golf resort.

These works entailed the refurbishment, remodelling and upgrade of 103 bedrooms, each with its own feature marble bathroom together with construction of a 6,000sq/ft ballroom capable of hosting 500 people whilst blending in with the historic architecture.

External improvements to the 109 year old property saw windows replaced and the ageing roof repaired as well as renewal of a coating of render.

Andy McLinden, ISG’s northern managing director, remarked: “With the British Open tee-ing off this weekend, the eyes of the world are set to turn to the area and Trump Turnberry offers a magnificent showcase for our expertise delivering world-leading hotel facilities. The attention to detail and exacting standards demanded by our customer have been more than met at the Trump Turnberry and I’m extremely proud that ISG has played a key role in delivering a luxury hotel that competes on a global stage.”

Public areas at the famous resort have also been given a facelift.
The century old hotel has been brought up to date
The century old hotel has been brought up to date
The resort is set to play host to the British Open
The resort is set to play host to the British Open


#1 Posted by Chris on 13 Jul 2016 at 13:30 PM
The new fountain seems out of place.
The Flâneur
#2 Posted by The Flâneur on 13 Jul 2016 at 13:59 PM

It’s a camp classic totally in keeping with the all new ormolu ormolu, more is more aesthetic
Emiliano Zapata
#3 Posted by Emiliano Zapata on 13 Jul 2016 at 14:48 PM
The twentieth century just passed him by as if it never even existed.
Big Chantelle
#4 Posted by Big Chantelle on 13 Jul 2016 at 16:31 PM

Nae surprise that thu lefties above ur moaning aboot it.

I mean, whare's thu zinc-clac extenshun and costa coffee drive thru? They cannae stomach it when somethin confrunts thur wurld view: blocky shapes, soullessness, anti-traditionalism, anti-beauty. So this hurts them. The ornament an beauty overwhelems thum. They cannae take it. So they lash oot. It gets cawwed pastiche becoz they hink thur wurds will stick an degrage ye. They're banking on the power ae thur insults bullying ye into submission. That's aw they've goat.

Glad the building stays true to its roots. Roots wich ur so much mar distingwished thun wit these lefties caw culture today.

Well done Trump.
#5 Posted by FHM on 13 Jul 2016 at 17:58 PM
0 Points: Nonsensical, repetitive ramblings, that make little sense whilst written in poorly constructed, "vernacular" text.

2 Points: "concrete lovin' brigade" / "lefties"

Hmm, only 2 points today, but at least there is no bigoted reaction regarding religion.
#6 Posted by Terra on 13 Jul 2016 at 20:08 PM
Lol, as much as I don't like Trump; I have to agree with Chantelle in saying I like this. Well done to the team behind it. Trump more than likely had nothing to do with the design.
#7 Posted by Basho on 13 Jul 2016 at 23:38 PM
Jeezoh! Who designed this? Louis the XIV?
The Flâneur
#8 Posted by The Flâneur on 14 Jul 2016 at 10:14 AM
Who’s moaning?

Not me!

Oh no…

I love coming across a scantily clad Roman God on my golfing perambulations.

I say, Ding dong!
#9 Posted by DJT on 16 Jul 2016 at 15:59 PM
with many years of experience in this type of work I would comment that the careful consideration employed in the design of the Ballroom extension to this property shows great respect to the original Architect. Modern architecture is commendable in its place but if an existing building has merit and worthy of such a substantial refurbishment then surely the original designers should deserve our respect. If a design is no good and not worthy of saving then demolish an build the best modern architecture has to offer and hopefully a hundered years or so on it will be worth saving!

#10 Posted by Terra on 17 Jul 2016 at 03:19 AM
Hear, hear #9. Well said.

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