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Chapelton community centre throws open its doors

October 29 2015

Chapelton community centre throws open its doors
A visitor and neighbourhood centre has been officially opened within the Aberdeenshire new town of Chapelton, serving as a community hub at the heart of the development on Hume Square.

Designed by Brooks Murray Architects it is the latest landmark for the development following the opening of a nursery school and the first on-site businesses including a dentist and café.

The provost of Aberdeenshire said: “The square will be at the heart of Chapelton and businesses have been keen to be part of this exciting new town. It is also fitting that the Nursery was one of the first businesses to open as young people will shape the future of this town and ensure it becomes a thriving new sustainable community.”

There are currently 44 occupied homes within the development with a further 20 expected to be handed over by the end of the year. When fully built out the estate will play host to 4,045 homes.


Big Chantelle
#1 Posted by Big Chantelle on 29 Oct 2015 at 16:05 PM
Nae wonky angles. Nae stained concrete walls. Nae parklets surrounded by traffic cones. Nae plastic panels falling aff ae buildings a la Glesga Harbour.

Hooses that look like hooses.

House doctor
#2 Posted by House doctor on 29 Oct 2015 at 16:37 PM
Except it's no a hoose, it's a community centre.

CAD Monkey
#3 Posted by CAD Monkey on 29 Oct 2015 at 16:40 PM
What is that red thing on the right?
A communal book exchange, a flower exhibit, a community council notice board?
What is it for?
wee Leon Krier
#4 Posted by wee Leon Krier on 29 Oct 2015 at 17:04 PM
#3 - It was the hall for the liberal party conference.

Hey! BC I agree! Stunning!
#5 Posted by "El" on 30 Oct 2015 at 09:03 AM
@ Big C
No, but give it 6 months and there will be lovely staining on your 19th C render.

@ CAD Monkey
Its art darling; a focal point for the community.
#6 Posted by r4 on 30 Oct 2015 at 09:11 AM
BC, it's all white render, all of it. And you HATE white render, as you say in every post. it always stains etc etc. yet you like this. Explain yersel' hen!

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