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GLM draw up plans for Port Edgar Marina

October 20 2015

GLM draw up plans for Port Edgar Marina
GLM have drawn up plans to upgrade Port Edgar Marina with the addition of a new hub building to serve as focal point for the revamped site.

Playing host to a restaurant, yacht club and marina reception the new hub building will occupy a prominent position overlooking the waterfront with floor to ceiling glazing looking out to the Forth bridges.

Conceived in two parts the facilities will see public facilities housed in a main block overlooking the water, taking the form of an exposed steel frame crescent in reference to existing industrial structures.

A flat-roofed link connects to a rear service block housing kitchens and sanitary facilities.

In their design statement GLM observed: “The building uses a simple pallet of materials taken from the site - exposed structural steel work, metal roofing and painted timber boarding. Used together and carefully detailed this allows the building to be at home among the existing utilitarian naval and industrial buildings while also creating a high quality attractive building to be a focal point for visitors to the site.”

This is part of a marina master plan which will see the addition of new retail, leisure and water sports facilities around the existing piers.

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Trombe Wall
#1 Posted by Trombe Wall on 21 Oct 2015 at 16:45 PM
Great to see the marina getting some much needed, modern facilities. Such the shame the image is so uninspiring and exactly where on the site is there exposed structural steel? Pretty sure the buildings down there are all clad in metal sheeting.

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