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Toronto Primary extension secures approval

September 1 2015

Toronto Primary extension secures approval
Collective Architecture has secured planning permission for an extension to Toronto Primary School, Livingston, as part of West Lothian Council’s schools development programme.

Developed in conjunction with Scott Bennett Associates and EDP Consulting Engineers the plan will see a new accessible main entrance built to ‘interlock’ with the central hallway of the existing school via an extended corridor off which classrooms are arranged around sunroom clusters.

In a statement Collective said: “The development comprises of a new monolithic textured precast concrete games hall that opens up to the school playing fields. The textured concrete band is punctured only at high level by way of glazed Reglit apertures. The concrete wraps the entire base of the proposed extension, with the exception of the main staff office, which is over-clad in Vitreous Enamel, signifying the school’s branding colour.”

This extension will also house new offices, a janitor’s room, changing facilities and access to the existing nursery with external landscaping also taking place.


#1 Posted by Berny on 1 Sep 2015 at 12:42 PM
This rather un-charming box looks very much like the educational architecture of the past! Barlinnie springs to mind?? Thankfully we have only just go around to demolishing what was done previously.. why are we proposing more building like that!!! Madness...
#2 Posted by james on 1 Sep 2015 at 12:45 PM
Head Planner for West Lothian Council (aka Dark Star) said, 'This building heralds a new beginning for the education of our little ones as future Stormtroopers for our glorious Empire.'

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