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Demolition of former council offices gets underway

March 20 2015

Demolition of former council offices gets underway
Dem-Master have moved on-site at the former headquarters of Strathclyde Regional Council on Glasgow’s India Street and are slowly drawing the 11 storey brick slab to the ground.

The operation is the final phase of a huge clearance programme for the site which has already seen the St Vincent Street frontage levelled to make way for Scottish Power’s new city base.

Latterly owned by Glasgow City Council Nye Bevan House served as a base for the city’s social work department following disbandment of the old district council.

Oddly, there are no active planning applications for the site.

Its sister block across the street, Portcullis House, is another council-owned system built block and remains in occupation.
Scottish Power has focussed attention on the western edge of the city centre
Scottish Power has focussed attention on the western edge of the city centre


Billy Jamieson
#1 Posted by Billy Jamieson on 5 Apr 2015 at 06:18 AM
So glad this monstrosity is being demolished. Pity the original plans to make this area a little Manhattan were shelved. No one seems brave enought to build above 20 storeys in the city centre. Getting bored with all the low build glass boxes that we get as a compromise. Be brave and challenge the eye. This area is prime site and the first impression for many coming from the airport.
Rob Buchanan
#2 Posted by Rob Buchanan on 17 Jan 2016 at 16:29 PM
I worked in this building in the 80's when it was Strathclyde council HQ. I was amazed to see just a few weeks ago that the front part of the building in the picture is still standing,9 months after the rest of the complex was pulled down.I assume that it will feature as part of what is to become of the site.The 8th floor housed an excellent restaurant.

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