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Urban Realm looks to Scotland’s future in latest edition

October 16 2014

Urban Realm looks to Scotland’s future in latest edition
The night of 18 September 2014 will be long remembered as a turning point in UK politics, even if the ostensible result was in favour of the status quo but what are the implications for construction?

Most agree that the short to medium term is now far more secure as a result of the No vote but the longer term is far less clear cut. Nevertheless we attempt to answer that question with an in depth look at the arguments from both sides of the debate in the autumn edition of Urban Realm.

Elsewhere Paul Stallan takes a look at the distinguishing facets of Scottish art and architecture, specifically those areas in which they differ from Britain as a whole to put these strands in context.

Independent or not the architecture profession is in fine fettle as we discover with looks around the first new housing to be built in Laurieston for 30 years and the latest Maggie’s Centre to be built in Scotland.

We also talk to one practice which is able to celebrate independence, AHR, following their recent ‘demerger’ from Aedas, we look at how this might influence their design approach and the efforts to create a new home-grown international champion.

On a sadder note Mark Chalmers delivers a final curtain call for the imperilled Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, a fine example of High Modernism which may soon be needlessly consigned to history.


windy stu
#1 Posted by windy stu on 16 Oct 2014 at 14:02 PM
Turning point? since the 18th, the 'changes' that were promissed have been refuted by the MPs in westminster, and put on the back burner. The only 'powers' that are now being discussed are actualy ones that concern and will benefit england. We've been dragged into a war we didn't need to be in. We've been told we need to find 25 billion worth of cuts. there is a referendum coming on being pulled out of the EU (which is one of the things we were threatened with as a supposed outcome of a yes vote, and will have far bigger consequences than a yes vote would have had) in which our say, proportionally, is so insignificant it's effectively someone else's choice. oh and a far right party is rapidly gaining support and representation.
But hey, at least we still have the pound! (which we we would have had anyway) and the banks dont have to re-jig any of their business.
Long term consequences? well if we manage to learn anything by the time the next once comes, it'l be a positive.
Roger Renovation
#2 Posted by Roger Renovation on 16 Oct 2014 at 14:11 PM
Ask anyone why VAT on new-build construction is rated zero but can shoot up to 5-20% on repair and maintenance and it produces much head scratching. September the 18th was an opportunity to tackle that, focus on refurbishment, tackle fuel poverty and possibly save our architectural heritage, instead we get..... "most agree that the short to medium term is now far more secure"

Really, who?

Greedy developers intent on backtracking on carbon savings, UK government cuts to Greendeal / ECO and RHI?
#3 Posted by Billo on 19 Oct 2014 at 13:29 PM
The harsh reality is had there been a yes vote we would have been bankrupt

With the white papers oil prediction of $133 & the actual price around $85 we would all be flat broke

The truth is be No vote saved Scotland from Financial Armageddon 

#4 Posted by Robin on 20 Oct 2014 at 09:41 AM
Firstly, we'd still have been stuck with WM until 2016.
Secondly, even without oil revenue, financially we'd have been on a comparably even keel with rUK.
Thirdly, do your homework and stop believing everything you were force fed pre-referendum by the Daily Mail / BBC / Daily Telegraph etc
#5 Posted by Billo on 20 Oct 2014 at 18:46 PM
You keep trolling out the party line as instructed and we will be the 6th richest nation in the world in jigg time.

Your right the current oil price has been manufactured by MI5 and Westminster to make the SNP look bad

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