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Glasgow Airport rail link resurrected

July 3 2014

Glasgow Airport rail link resurrected
Prime Minister David Cameron has resurrected a proposed rail link to Glasgow Airport after announcing an infrastructure investment package worth £500m.

The 20-year City Deal will see the city council work in partnership with neighbouring local authorities (who will stump up £130m) and the Treasury to draw up a detailed investment plan for new transport routes and business sites.

Cameron said: "For too long, governments in London and Edinburgh have acted as though taking powers away from Britain's great cities is the best way to create growth, rather than trusting the people living there to find their own specific solutions to meet their own unique needs.

"But not any more."

The Scottish Government, which scrapped the proposed £210m airport link back in 2009, has also been invited to join the new partnership by providing matching funds.


#1 Posted by Jon on 3 Jul 2014 at 21:55 PM
So this is the No campaigns next tactic - we come bearing shiny trinkets and gifts, but only if you bow down to us. Watch these so called promises evaporate if Scotland is daft enough to vote no!
#2 Posted by Bill on 4 Jul 2014 at 10:43 AM
'only if you bow down to us'? Eh??
500 million from the UK government instantly matched by 500 million from the Scottish government, and we get a rail-link that is much needed. Sounds like best of both worlds to me.
#3 Posted by brian on 4 Jul 2014 at 11:52 AM
I said years ago this would end up a political football,Why now!So this is over 20yrs ! And London is building its crossrail worth billions NOW! creating jobs NOW,Im no snp fan but they have spent nearly 2 billion in Glasgow in a short period roads subway etc not 20yrs! People will see right through this,
#4 Posted by Chris on 4 Jul 2014 at 15:31 PM
Brian, this 2 billion you mentioned, does that involve the likes of Southern General and M74? Because they were concieved by Labour not Snp.
#5 Posted by wonky on 4 Jul 2014 at 16:30 PM
You can conceive what ever you want- "Jam tomorrow anyone?"- it's those who deliver that matter. As per we hear the usual noises from Mathieson on this new deal for the natives- typical for Labour the party comes before Glasgow or Scotland. This Westminster "deal" is constituted of 15 million a year for 5 years then it is "reviewed". I think we know what that means. In essence this is more like 75 million. Will the Tory's even get in office the next time? Would another party be so sympathetic to a previous governments proposal? Even if does happen it's to be spread over twenty years. Lastly, is £500 m really that much for a city the size of Glasgow? Even 25 years ago during the height of Thatcherism, Douglas Hurd suggested injecting £5 BILLION into the great city regions- so I don't know what that says about Cameron, Osborne et al. Insulting derisory cheapskates comes to mind. Also the Airport link is only a suggested proposal for what to do with any monies promised by Westminster, & is no way a logical consequence of this deal happening- it's an idea used merely to promote political capital in a highly charged pre-referendum political atmosphere.
What the likes of Mathieson and other Unionists won't tell you is that Tory cuts to welfare will take nearly £300 million from the city in public monies- with Ed Balls declaring his support of those measures & Labour boasting to go "even further"- why then is Mathieson as Leader of Glasgow city council so reticent on that fact?
#6 Posted by brian on 4 Jul 2014 at 16:43 PM
Just one little minor detail you missed out labour forgot to implement these projects over 40yrs in power,Im no snp fan but just deal in facts .end
Jimbob Tanktop
#7 Posted by Jimbob Tanktop on 5 Jul 2014 at 04:49 AM
Also worth noting that they were conceived by Labour to be on a much smaller scale, and paid for by PFI/PPP.
David Willey
#8 Posted by David Willey on 20 Oct 2014 at 17:15 PM
Any rail link should accommodate aviation fuel tank trains as well as passenger trains to take more lorries off the roads. Prestwick airport already receives its aviation fuel by rail.

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