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Resource Efficient House launched at BRE Innovation Park

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September 20 2013

Resource Efficient House launched at BRE Innovation Park
BRE and Zero Waste Scotland have launched the Resource Efficient House at BRE Innovation Park, Ravenscraig.

Built in partnership with Tigh Grian the prototype home demonstrates the latest principals and technologies in resource efficiency and waste reduction.

It is estimated that an average three bedroom home currently produces around 13 tonnes of construction waste, costing up to £500 per unit.

Designed by Machin Associates the Resource Efficient House, by contrast, produces less than five tonnes by employing a ‘pod’ design fabricated offsite and recyclable wall insulation.

Fixtures and fittings are made from recyclable materials including coffee cup[s for kitchen worktops; reclaimed whisky barrels for bar stools and re-used paint for decoration.

Environment secretary, Richard Lochhead said ‘“This house aims to be the most resource efficient in Scotland and is a great example of resource efficiency in action: showing how businesses and householders can benefit when we think carefully about how we use energy, water and materials. 

“If every house in Scotland was like this then we would cut the amount of construction waste being sent to landfill and help make Scotland a more resource efficient nation.”
The demonstrator combines low cost and low carbon design
The demonstrator combines low cost and low carbon design


Hair shirt
#1 Posted by Hair shirt on 20 Sep 2013 at 18:04 PM
Ok, but does it have to be so ugly? Looks like there was do much attention to materials there was little given to the overall appearance...
#2 Posted by wonky on 20 Sep 2013 at 18:06 PM
200k to build is pretty steep once you add on the exorbitant remuneration expected these days from profit crazy corporate gangs- certainly way too steep for a Ravenscraig catchment area that includes the like of Craigneuk and other low sink estates.
Only way it could happen is if the gov made them available via public funding- can't see that as a priority within the market fundamentalist ideological framework of a UK gov. Unless of course we can transpose Scotland's failed post industrial hinterland to the Home Counties.
Don't think we've got the technology to do that yet have we...

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