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Salmond declares 2016 as Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design

September 12 2013

Salmond declares 2016 as Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design
First Minister Alex Salmond has officially designated 2016 as the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design - an effort to grow participation in and understanding of the built environment.

This will manifest itself in the form of a series of events, creative commissions, school/community educational programmes, new online resources, touring exhibitions, pop-up architecture and competitions which will take place throughout the year.

It is hoped that these initiatives will serve to inform communities of the economic and social benefits architecture can bring, as well as emphasising architectural heritage and contemporary design.
Commenting on the designation RIAS president Iain Connelly said: “It further emphasises the Scottish Government’s commitment to architecture as both a key driver of Scotland’s economy and an art form in which Scotland has excelled throughout history, right up to the present day.”

2016 forms one of a series of so-called ‘focus years’ up to 2018 designed to foster engagement at home and promote Scottish expertise abroad.


Cat Flap
#1 Posted by Cat Flap on 12 Sep 2013 at 18:22 PM
Without looking at this politically, this sounds fantastic and long overdue that our government introduced an initiative such as this.

Hopefully it will bring further understanding into the complexity and involvement of our roles in the built environment and give Scottish Architects some much needed exposure.

Saying all that, this has been up here all day now. I'm quite surprised the usual negativity hasn't crept in on UR comments yet.
#2 Posted by Egbert on 13 Sep 2013 at 15:03 PM
Negative comments only where deserved, Cat Flap! I agree this looks very promising - good to see the built environment being taken seriously at high level. The SG have been making lots of encouraging noises about this through the likes of the Designing Places policy - very heartening to hear, especially in counterpoint to the outright anti-architecture sentiments being expressed by certain UK Government ministers.

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