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Kelvin Hall redevelopment plans submitted

June 21 2013

Kelvin Hall redevelopment plans submitted
A £25.5 plan to convert Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall into a new venue for the Hunterian Museum has been submitted by Page\Park Architects on behalf of Glasgow Life.

Plans envisage a new build cultural centre and sports facility behind the ornate B-listed façade of the Kelvingrove landmark, establishing a new museum quarter in the west end.

A two phase development process will see work initially limited to construction of a new community sports venue and collections study centre, designed to offer digital access to collections held by Glasgow City Council, the Hunterian and the National libraries of Scotland.

Describing this element, which could commence in early 2014 and complete in 2016, Page\Park stated: “Examination of the existing floorplates has shown that the western vaults (one larger one smaller) together with the appendage buildings can provide a large amount of the floor area required without the need to build new floorplates in the existing building.

"At the same time the appendage warehouse buildings can accommodate some of the office scale environments more comfortably than the bigger vaulted spaces, with the added advantage of exploiting the aspect and natural ventilation possibilities.

“The key decision has been therefore to suggest that the first phase take up the potential of these existing building assets, leaving the flexibility of the bigger volumes for the future phase.”
This second phase would see creation of new exhibition space which would bring together the collections of the Hunterian Museum, Hunterian Art Gallery and Royal Highland Fusiliers Museum, along with temporary display space for contemporary and fine art.
A new façade intervention to the west is intended to be read as an extension to the columned frontage
A new façade intervention to the west is intended to be read as an extension to the columned frontage
The new centre will include space for teaching, study and research
The new centre will include space for teaching, study and research


#1 Posted by Sven on 24 Jun 2013 at 12:11 PM
Let's hope this is not another failed museum like the new Transport museum, which is now all about the building and nothing to do with the exhibits. The cars in the new museum are staged on the walls, without any way of seeing them, with the top floor half empty and lots of interpretation screens taking away from the few exhibits that are at eye level. What is wrong with just looking at the cars/trains etc with a board telling the history and allowing you to interpret what you want, not what the screen is telling you (most people have smart phones, so they can google for example).

Architecturally the new riverside facade is not successful and does not sit well with the Category B listed facade. Does the building need a cafe? There are museum cafes next door at Kelvingrove and the Hunterian and at the Transport Museum for example.
#2 Posted by Svenson on 24 Jun 2013 at 13:10 PM
this could increase traffic accidents... The guy and girl walking on the road are in such awe of the great design that they are going to get mowed down !!
Arthur Brown
#3 Posted by Arthur Brown on 24 Jun 2013 at 13:14 PM
I have to agree with Sven that the Transport
Museum is a dissappointment. I don't think that
the building is fit for purpose. It may be Architecturally
interesting but it's architecture does nothing to
aid the presentation of the actual exhibits. It's
impossible to get close to a number of the exhibits
which are displayed on high level "shelving"! Seems
That the Architect forgot that the buildings purpose
is to display the exhibits to best advantage not
to have a fancy roof shape, interesting though
it is! Let's hope the plans for the Kelvin Hall
focus on allowing the fantastic resources
and exhibits that the Hunterian has to be accessable & shown to the public at to best advantage?
#4 Posted by jc on 24 Jun 2013 at 20:19 PM
What are the plans for the Mackintosh House. Very quiet on this. Why?
John McKean
#5 Posted by John McKean on 26 Jun 2013 at 18:14 PM
Excuse my ignorance: when you ask about the Mackintosh house, is the Whitfield building coming down? Or the rest of the Hunterian gallery becoming library? Or..?
#6 Posted by jc on 29 Jun 2013 at 17:16 PM
I have heard via members of the Mackintosh Society that there are plans to move the interiors of the Mackintosh House, designed by Whitfield and put them inside, on one level inside the new Kelvin Hall complex. Something I am totally against as I think the House works and you feel you are entering a home and you see view out the windows etc. Apart from being another unnecessary waste of money, this part of the proposed development is being kept pretty quiet.

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