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Commonwealth Games retail & leisure park put on ice

May 2 2013

Commonwealth Games retail & leisure park put on ice
Plans to erect a £44m retail and leisure park adjacent to Glasgow’s Emirates Arena and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome have been placed on hold following a dispute between the developer and Glasgow City Council.

Kevin Fawcett had committed to purchase the key parcel of land from the council after submitting a planning application for the project, drawn up by Reiach & Hall, in February of last year - but as yet has failed to do so.

Explaining his reasoning to the Evening Times Fawcett said: "This complex is fully-funded and 95% pre-let, including a deal with Tulip Inn for the hotel. Our investors are saying 'Let's go' and are totally ready to begin work.

"However, they can't proceed until they get essential paperwork, standard documentation, from the council saying the site is clean, or, if it is not clean, that there are warranties for it.

"The fact the council can't give us this necessary paperwork is very sad and very strange."

For their part GCC insist that the land has been decontaminated but are refusing to issue paperwork to that effect, claiming that the request to do so is a ‘delaying tactic’.

With the clock ticking toward next summer’s sporting extravaganza it is now thought to be impossible for the developer to deliver the project prior to the event.


#1 Posted by wonky on 2 May 2013 at 14:51 PM
Implied incompetence from GCC- surely not- whatever next?

The coon-sill seem to do a very good job when they are ploughing a lone furrow- like the infrastructure projects funded with public cash around Celtic Park- but when it comes to multi collaborative projects with the private sector they are less than adequate.
Neil C
#2 Posted by Neil C on 2 May 2013 at 16:56 PM
I disagree with #1's assessment. This land has been cleared and processed for some time now, so I don't believe there is any contamination-based delay. Sounds to me like the developer hasn't got the funds to proceed but would rather weasel out by trying to blame the council.

Why would GCC refuse to sell empty land to a developer, given their track record of craven subservience to developers in the past?
#3 Posted by wonky on 2 May 2013 at 19:34 PM
I will agree with your disagreement of my agreement that is no way a disagreement of your own agreement to disagree with...whalawhalawhoooo...wait a minute- I would defo agree (? whah!) that the land is contamination free but maybe the developer involved needs legal confirmation...I would call a spade a spade but I would dig a grave for myself!
#4 Posted by realestatelawyer on 3 May 2013 at 12:45 PM
Whatever - it's clearly a mess that someone needs to get a hold of and sort out PDQ. If tenants and funding are there it should happen. This spat is now in the public arena so can't be swept under the carpet

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