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Vacant and derelict land survey uncovers 10,984 hectares of disused space

February 1 2013

Vacant and derelict land survey uncovers 10,984 hectares of disused space
The latest survey of vacant and derelict land in Scotland, covering the period up to December 2012, has recorded 10,984 hectares of wasted space, a net decrease of 114 hectares from 2011.

This disguises regional variations however, notably North Ayrshire which has suffered a 13% increase in derelict land since 2006 to take its total to 1,125 hectares.

North Lanarkshire continues to be the local authority area blighted by the greatest area of derelict and vacant land, constituting some 1,379 hectares or 13% of the national total - closely followed by North Ayrshire with 1,342 hectares (12%) and Glasgow with 1,235 hectares (11%).

The annual survey is intended to inform the re-use of brownfield land, classed as vacant, in addition to cataloguing derelict land – which is deemed to be incapable of beneficial development.

Some of the largest single derelict sites logged are the Royal ordnance site at Bishopton which stretches to 708 hectares and the former Fearn and Fendom airfields in the Highlands which account for 681 hectares between them.


Neil Brady
#1 Posted by Neil Brady on 1 Feb 2013 at 13:18 PM
While North Lanarkshire has a bigger area, the problems are more acute in Glasgow given that there is nearly the same amount of derelict land in a smaller area. Also more worryingly, the proportion of that area is inextricably links to some of the cities poorest areas. While GCC are tackling some spaces through projects like Stalled Spaces, much more should be done.
#2 Posted by wonky on 1 Feb 2013 at 16:47 PM
The East End is particularly bad, obviously due to a combination of neglect, the demise of heavy industry and bad decisions by you-know-who...there is that massive car park/wasteland at the back of the god awful Blackfriars student accommodation in the High Street...huge swathes of land between Duke Street and the Gallowgate ( some of which has been modestly reclaimed by Molendinur Housing Association)...Possil Park is another area that is utterly desolate due to complete neglect and evisceration by the City burghers. Possil has always been a problem area, often at greater excesses than any other district in the city, and yet it has tremendous potential, if you consider its close proximity to the city, and the cavernous urban corridor of Saracen Street. Even closer to the city centre is Woodside (yet another eviscerated area) particularly around the New City Road and the Garscube Road...could we even add Townhead to that list and have it demolished then re-designed it ( a-new-gorbals-new-townhead-kinda-concept) in order to reconnect it more dynamically with the city centre?

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