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Mull of Galloway in line for community buy out

December 13 2012

Mull of Galloway in line for community buy out
The Mull of Galloway, the most southerly land in Scotland, has been named as the likely subject of a community buy out.

A 30 acre parcel of land owned by the National Lighthouse Board, home to a seabird colony is currently on the market for £340k with The Mull of Galloway Trust thought to be one of the leading contenders to secure ownership.

For the money they will get the land, three cottages, a museum and RSPB visitor centre which the community is keen to acquire in order to prevent any commercial development of the land, planning to preserve the areas beauty instead.

Outlining their plans Trust secretary Steve Hardy said: "We want to ensure we don't get some outside body in who decide to make it into a fun park.

"There are going to be no fantastic changes - we are not going to build a Ferris wheel or a helter-skelter. It will remain as it is."

The community already holds a stake in the area as managers of the lighthouse visitor centre, an activity they’re keen to extend.

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#1 Posted by wonky on 13 Dec 2012 at 12:30 PM
Great to see land liberated back to the common people- maybe the Duke of Buccleuch, Richard Scott, the 10th Duke, in Dumfries and Galloway/Borders, will volunteer some of his acres to the good people of Scotland? He is after all the largest private landowner in the United Kingdom and chairman of the Buccleuch Group, a holding company with interests in commercial property, rural affairs, food, and beverages- with 288,000 acres in Scotland and Northamptonshire surely he can free up a few square miles to the good tax payers of Dumfries and Galloway, the Borders and Northamptonshire?
If so, we, the common tax payer, might be able to take advantage of the European Farming subsidies. In the European Union you are paid according to the size of your lands: the greater the area, the more you get. In our "New Jerusalem" Britain, 69% of the land is owned by 0.6% of the population. It is this group which takes the major pay-outs. The good old Duke of Buucleuch gets £405,000 in Euro handouts...on second thoughts: why would he volunteer some of these fair green fields to the people with freebies like that?

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