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Milngavie Waitrose plans submitted

November 2 2012

Milngavie Waitrose plans submitted
Upmarket supermarket chain Waitrose has submitted plans to build a new 37,000sq/ft outlet, service yard and 225 space car park in Milngavie

Designed by 3D Reid the store is said to employ a ‘bespoke design’ and has been conceived around a feature canopy/portico. It will be clad in timber and other natural materials.

A BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating is being striven for with natural daylight, LED lighting, cold air retrieval and re-distribution ventilation and other carbon reduction strategies employed.

In conjunction to the retail outlet Waitrose will also finance construction of a new all-weather sports pitch for West of Scotland Football Club.

Waitrose insist that they will “work closely with the town centre traders and businesses” and will build the store during 2013 for completion in 2014 if their application is successful.

Two new branches are set to open in Stirling and Helensburgh in 2013.
Waitrose has agreed to fund an all-weather rugby pitch as part of the development
Waitrose has agreed to fund an all-weather rugby pitch as part of the development


Pete Pedant
#1 Posted by Pete Pedant on 2 Nov 2012 at 17:26 PM
Ah, classic Urban Realm...

Keppie PLANNING have submitted this application, as planning consultants to the developers, with 3D Reid the architects. Indeed, the images shown are not the images submitted with the Planning Application, but, hey, who'd let facts get in the way...

The scheme IS in Milngavie at least - kudos to UR.
#2 Posted by wonky on 2 Nov 2012 at 18:15 PM
I just choked on my oak smoked salmon and kensington cream cheese crustless finger sandwich there...swerving the Range-Rover and nearly damaging the bumper on some work-shy benefits scroungers...but that is ra-ra-ra-rather wonderful news that we humble Milngaviens will have the life-line services of an upmarket outlet on our doorstep!
#3 Posted by UR on 2 Nov 2012 at 23:17 PM
Hi Pete, I've clarified that Keppie acted as planning consultants, not as architect. The images are those which were put to public consultation.
Cheap as Chips
#4 Posted by Cheap as Chips on 6 Nov 2012 at 13:56 PM
Nver mind the accuracy of the illustrations I would question more the need of such an outlet considering that with a mile or so's radius you have a Tesco, an M&S and and Asda!! Over provision,can't believe the Planners are seriously considering this!!

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