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Aberdeen bypass faces Supreme Court roadblock

April 5 2012

Aberdeen bypass faces Supreme Court roadblock
Campaigners battling to derail construction of the Aberdeen bypass are to take their fight to the UKs Supreme Court following an earlier decision by Scottish judges to reject their appeal.

Road Sense has been acting as a roadblock to the scheme since 2009 when the 28 mile route was granted approval by Scottish Ministers.

It has since been subject to a long running and increasingly bitter battle between proponents who claim it will ease congestion and opponents who suggest that the selection process for the £400m schemes route was “fundamentally unfair and unjust”.

A Scottish government spokesman said: "There have now been two clear and comprehensive court verdicts giving the green light to the road, and ministers believe that the patience of people in the north east is wearing thin.

"We want to get on and build this vital road as quickly as possible.

"The Scottish government remains totally committed to the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route being built as soon as possible."


Zero Patience
#1 Posted by Zero Patience on 10 Apr 2012 at 16:17 PM
Too right our patience is wearing thin.

Who does this maniac think he is representing?

He certainly does not reflect my view - a local - both my neighbours and I are 100% in support of the bypass.

Iask Mr Walton to try visiting the Mannofield area I live in, and ask the families if they appreciate having HGV's account for 40% of all through traffic, and you will soon get the REAL local opinion.

William Walton is a danger to our community, and his interference is entirely unwelcome.
andy mc
#2 Posted by andy mc on 10 Apr 2012 at 18:38 PM
I live in a city that has been ruined by roads - Glasgow... Its a fine place if you are away from the roads but if you are near them its a noisy polluted nightmare. We dont need roads we need good alternatives to personal transport, elegant quiet public tansport and infrastructure that gets HGVs off the roads.
Thinking building a new one will ease the old one is nonsense. It will just fill up and people willl drive more.
Great thing about Aberdeen is it does not have a gash through its landscape. Traffic is controlled by what people can thol or get away with. some will gain some will loose . Net effect will be nada. Road engineers like designing and making roads and people want contracts ... + so they get them. Give people a new rat run they will run through it.
But as Jimmy Reid said .. The rat race... its for rats
#3 Posted by dirige on 10 Apr 2012 at 20:05 PM
Andy, but this is a bypass road so Glasgow isn't the best comparison, try Edinburgh instead as it's bypass allows traffic to pass by the city centre. Aberdeen is a nightmare to drive past (am I the only architect who admits to enjoy owning a car these days?) as very heavy traffic is needlessly funnelled into the city it's built up suburbs.

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