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High hopes for Bolton’s ‘big chimney’

August 18 2011

High hopes for Bolton’s ‘big chimney’
Plans have been unveiled for a skyscraping family home in the unlikely environs of Bolton have emerged with the novel idea of shoe horning a  two storey property into an existing chimney stack.

This arrangement allows a 360 degree property to be inserted near the base of the 260ft stack, just above the tree line, to afford panoramic vistas across the local terrain.

Stairs and a lift inserted into the chimney shaft will grant access to the accommodation platform.

Architects Robin Rowles and Tony Lang believe their scheme will give Bolton a lift, telling the BBC: “The opportunity to do this might seem a bit hair brained to people – but the reality is there. If it’s mad it’s special as well.”

The pair are confident that their plans stack up, adding: “It hit us with the wow factor immediately, the idea of creating something which would remain for a long time and put a modern building within an old one.”

The listed chimney is one of the few remaining in the mill town, which was once carpeted in a forest of towers during the industrial revolution.

Subject to planning the unconventional structure could be built within 18 months.

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