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Metropolis Launch

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September 20 2004

A new think-tank organisation ‘Metropolis’, that aims to promote the Liverpool Bay area as a whole, has just been launched by Downtown Liverpool.
It will raise awareness through campaigning, negotiating, running events and by influencing the development of major property and infrastructure projects.
Downtown Liverpool’s Tony Siebenthaler will co-ordinate the project. “We have a great city, a great culture and we have massive potential on the world stage, “ he said. “The Bay area offers us the chance to unleash this potential, but it is essential for long term revival of the metropolis that we operate as a single entity. The metropolitan aspect of Liverpool as a positive, influential force has been down played for so many years that we have been in danger of losing it entirely.”
An immediate issue that Metropolis will campaign against is the designation of ‘sub-region’ for the greater Liverpool area. Siebenthaler said: “The term ‘sub-region’ is a vile and demeaning imposition. You never hear of the Manchester, or Greater Manchester area being called this so why should the Liverpool region? What’s all that about?”
Downtown Liverpool will continue to function as normal. More information on the Metropolis initiative can be found by visiting

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