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Scottish population extends growth spurt

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April 28 2011

Scottish population extends growth spurt
Population estimates for Scotland suggest that the country suggest that the number of permanent Scottish residents rose by 28,100 in the year to June 2010 to reach 5.22m - just 30,000 short of its highest ever recorded population of 5.25m reached in 1974.

This growth was largely fuelled by immigration with 46,100 people arriving in the country from  outside the UK, the bulk of which emigrated from overseas or arrived as asylum seekers.

It is the largest number of people arriving in the country from overseas since records began in 1991-92.

Edinburgh experienced the largest percentage population increase of 1.8% whilst at the other end of the scale Argyle and Bute registered a 0.9% decrease.

Scotland’s population had experienced gradual decline for 30 years since its peak, but has been on an upward trajectory since 2005.

The country as a whole remains sparsely populated relative to the UK as a whole, with just 67 people per square kilometre as opposed to 255 for Britain as a whole.    

With just nine residents per square kilometre the Western Isles remain the least populated corner of Britain.

The data, published by the National Records of Scotland, is an estimate only and subject to revision.

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#1 Posted by Waralya on 7 Mar 2012 at 12:45 PM
Iain Gray's congratulatory sceeph to Alex Salmond the other day gave those of us who have grown to loath the man an insight in to the real Iain Gray. And I have to admit, he came across as the man that SLAB tried so hard to convince us he really was. The irony is, that now the pressure to adhere to Labour's strategy in Scotland has been removed from him, Iain Gray could actually turn out to be the best leader the current Labour group in Holyrood will ever have.Which brings us to Labour's problem. Despite Iain Gray's assertion the wee Milliband gets Scotland , the evidence overwhelmingly reveals he absolutely doesn't. Being able to point to Scotland on a map doesn't automatically instill the intimate knowledge of Scotland that her peoples expect, nay demand. In this fault, young Milliband is in some infamous company Thatcher didn't get Scotland either and that failing still haunts the tory party north of the border.The Labour party have claimed they will learn the lessons and have instigated a review. However, now that they have their sacrificial lamb in Iain Gray, the man who will carry all the blame for Labour's failings (how did things work out for Labour south of the border?), it appears that the review will be a going through the motions exercise with absolutely zero changes. The arrogance of the Westminster labour MPs, who still don't realise that there is a very fine line between running down the SNP and running down Scotland (Scotland's too poor, too wee, too stupid look at the Scottish banking crisis), especially when they share a platform with the Lib Dems to do so (the party that willingly sells its soul and principles for power), is highlighted by the fact that, by all the evidence available, they have already made up their minds that more Westminster control is the answer.That's fine. It's actually starting to really annoy me that all these bloggers, journalists and political pundits think that there is a need to help the labour party fix their problems in Scotland. I don't. I'm watching what's happening from the sidelines and am finding it hard to suppress a hearty guffaw. Without radical change, and I don't think the Labour party is capable of such a change, the party that SLAB hold up as the bogeyman in Scotland whilst trying so hard to emulate in the South of England, will be seen to have trailblazed the route of SLAB. And whilst Jackie Baille will never be as much loved as Auntie Bella, she will be no more relevant from a Scottish point of view.

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