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Premier Inn unveil hotel room of the future

February 12 2011

Premier Inn unveil hotel room of the future
Premier Inn, the UK’s largest budget hotel chain, has released mock ups of what a hotel room of the future might look like.

The hi tech room is described as “space age chic” mixed with “eco friendly” policies but otherwise looks remarkably similar to a Premier Inn room of today, right down to the branding.

Perosnalising the stay for each guest is the theme evinced by Premier Inn’s dippy dreamers, including light, noise and temperature profiles which are sensitive to the requirements of each guest.

More elaborate functions include a “dream creator”, a hypothetical device which allows slumberers to pre-select the dream they would like to have.

A “solar powered butler robot” also escapes from the set of the Jetsons to make an appearance as does an interactive mirror which doubles as an information hub, lending new meaning to the phrase “mirror, mirror on the wall.”

Premier Inn is currently refitting Glasgow’s St Andrews House in one of their largest single investments, although its interiors are unlikely to match these specifications.

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