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A+DS outline “creative regeneration” of Spiers Locks

December 2 2010

A+DS outline “creative regeneration” of Spiers Locks
Architecture + Design Scotland, working with David Barrie and Associates, has published an action plan dubbed “Growing the People", designed to examine the role art and culture can play in the regeneration of the Spiers Locks area of Glasgow.

The central thesis of this piece is that people, rather than buildings, are the primary means of regeneration and explores how an environment can be created that empowers people to get involved.

This has seen a series of workshops take place which have brought together local businesses, arts organisations, planners and architects to piece together a sustainable blueprint for the area.

Diarmid Lawlor, head of urbanism at A+DS, said “‘Growing the People’ suggests Speirs Locks builds upon the activity of its existing cultural industry tenants around the themes of ‘creating, making and doing: the production of ideas, goods and services that have social, creative and economic value, a place for new social businesses, provision of studios and workspaces for creative industries and new community enterprise.”

The canal district already plays host to a number of creative enterprises and is subject to a masterplan prepared by 7N Architects.


#1 Posted by minnie on 3 Dec 2010 at 13:13 PM
good project,but what has ads got to do with this? It is good to have some publicity to find a justification about doing something with tax payer's money
Ewan Anderson
#2 Posted by Ewan Anderson on 3 Dec 2010 at 13:47 PM
Thank you Minnie. For the record the "masterplan" by 7N Architects and RankinFraser, in partnership with Glasgow City Council, British Waterways and ISIS, is a long term comprehensive regeneration strategy for Speirs Locks. It is called "Growing The Place" and is focused on regeneration through arts based initiatives to change perceptions of the area. The A+DS work is a supplement to that.
#3 Posted by Minnie on 3 Dec 2010 at 20:24 PM
Thanks for the explanation totally love the project. It is great to see exciting and great designs north of the border, bur ads doing videos is in my humble opinion a wee bit of self promotion. However is great that ads advertise great work like this, and not only the charettes! Congratulations again totally love your work

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