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Carbuncle press frenzy impresses

September 21 2010

Carbuncle press frenzy impresses
Carbuncles fever has swept the media over the past 24 hours with some of the highlights being a live stint on STV and even some celebrity endorsement from the singer Seal on Radio 2. So what have the papers been saying? Urban Realm delved behind the front pages to see what sort of impression the award has been making.

The guardian reports that Denny residents have rallied to the Carbuncles cause over delays in demolishing a series of eyesore buildings in the town centre. A pro regeneration Facebook page currently has nearly 1,800 members.

The BBC identified the enthusiasm of one of the lead campaigners for regeneration in the town, quoting Brian McCabe who said: “By accepting this award we want to tap into Urban Realm’s design expertise and approach Falkirk Council to see what can be done.”

The Scotsman best described the unprecedented switch in allegiance of the Plook, saying: “One town’s misfortune is another’s opportunity,” citing the aim of the award to kick start regeneration.

Metro meanwhile picked up on McCabe’s “Beirut on a bad day” remark about the current appearance of the Stirlingshire town. It was a comment which proved angry Lebanese residents to point out that their city has benefited from a post war boom.

The Telegraph covered the ‘Walk Around the Block’ campaign run by Denny residents, this has seen a series of protests staged to raise awareness of the condemned flats.

Satirical publication Anorak meanwhile had the last laugh, it described Denny as “More dismal than Susan Boyle’s cat basket.”

By accepting our unsightly trophy Denny can rest easy that their town will not atrophy further. Urban Realm will be working with residents of to ensure that their community does not become a serial Carbuncles offender.


#1 Posted by Geoff on 25 Sep 2010 at 13:50 PM
[quote] Urban Realm will be working with residents of to ensure that their community does not become a serial Carbuncles offender. [/quote]
New Cumnock is still waiting for all the help offered from several parties. Perhaps this week will be 'the week' seeing as the New Cumnock Lisison Group are meeting with the powers that be? Tuesday, 29th September 2010
Brian William McCabe
#2 Posted by Brian William McCabe on 17 Nov 2010 at 13:51 PM
So, how did the new Liaison Group get on at their meeting with the 'powers that be'? Did you see any movement?
Where Denny has 'suffered' is that it already has a 'Development Group' which meets bi-monthly (not often enough if you're serious about pushing through regeneration), but unfortunately individuals get very protective of their own involvement in the project and are reluctant to 'let go' of the masterplan despite it being flawed.
All WE are really asking is that the ideas, or concepts, or suggestions, are given a fair wind and any potential improvements to the masterplan be incorporated into said plan. We don't want to see an ill-conceived plan forced through for political expediency. This is something we hope to live with for the next 50 years, not be fighting over in less than 10 years because the solution doesn't adequately answer the town's needs.
This is not a criticism, merely an observation of individuals understandable protection of their involvement in the project to date.
#3 Posted by Geoff on 17 Nov 2010 at 15:21 PM
One of the towns re-nominated for the Carbuncle this year has welcomed the news that the old (burned out shell) Tam o' Shanter Roadside Cafe is to demollished and replaced with a state of the art truck/coach/car stopover.
This will be the spark which the past nominee needs to release all of the potential PROSPECT spoke of two years ago. Do a follow-up story on this one.

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