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Aberdeen Arena detractors see red

August 13 2010

Aberdeen Arena detractors see red
Aberdeen FC have unveiled plans for their new 21,000 seat stadium, a proposal they hope will garner glowing reviews.

Club chiefs have ordered the £38m venue to replace their existing rundown Pittodrie home and are keen to make a mark on the area by specifying a red flow for added night time presence.

Designed by the Miller Partnership the scheme boasts fully enclosed seating under a bowled roof, together with a glazed corner block containing offices, a shop and museum in front of a public square and extensive car parking.

Not all fans feel quite so rosy about the flit however, pointing out a lost heritage from their existing home and querying whether the new stadium will bring too much surplus capacity.

Indeed local residents are already seeing red before a brick has been laid, aghast at the loss of greenbelt land on a difficult to reach out of town site.

Should Aberdeen City Council approve the plans then the stadium could be ready for the 2013/2014 season.

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Alex McGregor
#1 Posted by Alex McGregor on 21 Aug 2010 at 10:24 AM
I recently attended a Planning Aid seminar where it became clear that planning is all about people and people should be at the core of decisions taken. Football depends entirely on people so to put a new stadium miles from the city centre, on green belt land with no public transport to speak of makes absolutely no sense. The present stadium is only in its present condition because the management at the club allowed to get this way - unlike other clubs in Edinburgh and Glasgow for example who continued to upgrade and retain their town centre / community status. The same could have been done at Pittdodrie had the will been there, but clearly strong commercial interests within the management are behind this and have taken little heed of the practicalities involving people, in every sense, by putting a club stadium outside the city it is meant to represent.

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