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RMJM’s athletes village hits the ground running

June 28 2010

RMJM’s athletes village hits the ground running
RMJM’s athletes village for the 2014 Commonwealth Games has won  the approval of Architecture + Design Scotland after the watchdog lauded the practices proposed designs stating: “...the housing typologies proposed demonstrate a tangible and identifiable character that have the potential to set a precedent for volume housing in the future in terms of design and sustainability.”

Paul Stallan, European Design Director of RMJM welcomed the vote of confidence stating: “We are particularly pleased with the support that we have got for the legacy masterplan.  Following the Games, the site will provide a wonderful environment for a new family focused community to grow and regenerate, with the accommodation becoming a mix of privately and Housing Association owned.  It is not often that you get a chance to create a whole community, especially in what is regarded as a deprived area of the City.”

A+DS went on to express apprehension over the use of varying materials to distinguish between private and social housing elements however, preferring instead to see a ‘tenure blind’ approach. They also lent their support to the demolition of surviving tenement stock in the area on the grounds that: “...they are not listed and better examples of tenement building types exist throughout the city.”

Athletes housing is designed to be easily retrofitted to provide nearly 1,500 new homes in the aftermath of the Games.

The project is scheduled to move on site this year and complete toward the end of 2013.
In addition to housing a care home will be provided
In addition to housing a care home will be provided
The athletes village follows the curvature of the Cunningar Loop
The athletes village follows the curvature of the Cunningar Loop


#1 Posted by Ecoworrier on 28 Jun 2010 at 22:55 PM
The tenements might not be listed, but they are still carefully crafted buildings of quality materials which have some history, are a building type relevant to the area, and they should have been retained, repaired and re-used. Perhaps A+DS needs to consider more carefully what 'sustainability' means.
What a bad and sad example A+DS has set with that statement.
#2 Posted by D.E.Spair on 29 Jun 2010 at 11:26 AM
What a dangerous game A+DS re Design Review is getting into, making statements about the value of existing buildings (unlisted tenements so therefore worthless, in its opinion? Not an opinion shared by all) while suggesting that the replacements may well be worthy of future listing. There is no guarantee of that whatsoever.

A+DS should stick to reviewing design, not making judgments on issues outside its remit and possibly expertise.

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