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Historic Scotland mounts reappraisal of Perth’s architecture

June 14 2010

Historic Scotland mounts reappraisal of Perth’s architecture
Historic Scotland is embarking on a survey of buildings to the north of Perth as the heritage body seeks to identify the city’s most important buildings and review existing listings.

A team has already areas to the south and west of the city centre, upping Greyfriars Burial Ground from a B to an A listing after reappraising the significance of its monuments.

A purpose built photography studio at 60-62 Princes Street was recipient of a category C listing in recognition of its baroque stonework and well preserved shop front which is of local interest.

Members of the public are invited to contact Historic Scotland’s re-listing officers on 0131 668 8701/8705 to provide information on buildings of architectural or historical significance.

Image taken by Hermes.


The Flâneur
#1 Posted by The Flâneur on 15 Jun 2010 at 08:33 AM
Is this the same Perth where the local authority plans to demolish its exuberant Edwardian baroque city hall and replace it with a ‘civic square’ which apparently will deliver "significant benefits and economic growth"? A city hall designed by the Glaswegian Art Nouveau architect Henry Edward Clifford i.e. one of the very few Scottish Architects with a European reputation on the basis of his work being published in Hermann Muthesius’ seminal Das Englische Haus? What is it with Scottish cities and civic squares these days any way? Does everyone have to have one no matter the cost?
H E Clifford
#2 Posted by H E Clifford on 15 Jun 2010 at 13:54 PM
Well said that man. It will be interesting to see if HS maintain or even upgrade the listed status of the City Hall. Are they up for the fight? The Perthonians must have observed the roaring success of Festival Square and Hunter Square in the capital, both of significant benefit to the city.
#3 Posted by D.E.Spair on 17 Jun 2010 at 17:58 PM
Backing for plans to demolish city hall and replace it with a square
Councillors unanimously support £2.9m scheme to bring a new look to the heart of Perth
Published: 17/06/2010

Plans to demolish Perth City Hall were given unanimous backing yesterday.

Perth and Kinross Council will now pursue the plan to tear down the B-listed building at a cost of £2.9million.

The site is then to be re-opened to become a civic square in the centre of Perth.

Councillors at a special meeting of the local authority yesterday backed the proposed demolition.

In a report before the meeting, Jim Irons, depute chief executive, claimed that the council stood to make £3million from the civic square...

Read more:

#4 Posted by Alan on 18 Jun 2010 at 16:34 PM
A civic square no doubt surrounded with the usual Starbucks and other multi national branded shops. How on earth will this enhance Perth or the experience of a visitor? I am a regular visitor to Perth, the last thing I'd suggest for this fine city is to demolish one of the most beautiful buildings standing in the city!

But if they really insist on getting rid of it, box it up and bring it to Edinburgh. We have some gap sites where we could place such a wonderful piece of architecture as our own councillors have made stupid decisions about demolishing some of our finest buildings!
#5 Posted by D.E.Spair on 18 Jun 2010 at 16:37 PM

Idiots to even contemplate this.
Robert Booth
#6 Posted by Robert Booth on 4 Jul 2011 at 18:20 PM
Appalling to even contemplate bulldozing this fine example of heritage and civic pride. Up there with the mishandling of the incinerator Application in the annals of the council: This could see a major waste disposal plant using new, 'unproven', chemical technology, right in the heart of Perth. A potential Bhopal, the local paper states. And for this we pay council tax! You could not make it up!!! If Historic Scotland does not reject this gross vandalism, I do not know what it is in business for. The council's case is woeful. The building is a silent monument to their lack of dynamism in coming up with a new use by themselves, hence their wish to destroy it.

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