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Campaigners stoked by Hunterston Coal plant plans

March 16 2010

Campaigners stoked by Hunterston Coal plant plans
Contentious plans for a coal fired power station at Hunterston have elicited the wrath of an alliance of environmental groups.

Peel Energy Ltd, owners of Ayrshire Power, is expected to lodge plans for the £3bn plant today which could power three million homes.

Rules introduced last year force new coal plants to fit carbon capture technology, this would see 90% of the stations carbon emissions captured prior to release into the atmosphere whilst coal consumption would be reduced by 25%.

Green MSP Patrick Harvie labelled this approach as “pure science fiction” and urged the SNP government to scrap the scheme and pursue renewables instead.

The site occupies inter tidal mudflats between the Hunterston Terminal and Hunterston B nuclear power plant, leading the RSPB to lament any negative impact upon populations of waders, geese and swans.

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