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Triple suicide hits Glasgow’s Red Road flats

March 8 2010

Triple suicide hits Glasgow’s Red Road flats
Two men and a woman, believed to be asylum seekers, have jumped from the 15th floor of 63 Petershill Drive, Red Road, in what is thought to have been a suicide pact.

Currently only partially occupied many of the flats lie empty as the towers landlord, YMCA, is in process of relocating tenants to new accommodation.

A demolition programme is scheduled to commence this Spring, it will see all eight high rises (once Europes tallest) demolished.

The macabre seen was discovered by the blocks concierge early on Sunday morning.


Robert Priddy
#1 Posted by Robert Priddy on 18 Mar 2010 at 21:04 PM
The three who took their own lives are reported as being followers of the Indian "God Incarnate: Sathya Sai Baba of India... according to Russia's website see using the Google translate function. /sektants.html
This report contains many bizarre details about these three persons - who never worked and who were very well off, who were denied refugee status in Canada and UK. One was supposedly a miraculous psychic.. all based on Sathya Sai Baba beliefs (the swami who was accused of massive fraud and abuses on the BBC documentary 'The Sercret Swami'). This article suggests why they jumped to end it all!
#2 Posted by MARIA BABADI on 24 Mar 2010 at 01:59 AM

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