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Barras traders tout regeneration package

November 3 2009

Barras traders tout regeneration package
Glasgow’s notorious Barras market is planning a comprehensive overhaul after frustrated traders drew up an action plan to transform the image of the historic trading district.

The move comes from a rebel group of traders separate from the Barras Enterprise Trust, frustrated by a lack of progress from the agency and keen to push through their own agenda against the influence of criminal gangs.

In recent years criminals have gained a foothold in the area, flogging contraband and counterfeit goods, prompting a series of police raids and crackdowns.

Glasgow City Council are said to be receptive to proposals, which include improvements to signage and removal of rundown eyesores from the Barras complex.

Concerns have been raised that if recent declines go unchecked the Barras could go the way of Paddy’s Market which closed earlier this year amidst concerns over counterfeit goods, drugs and anti social behaviour.

Councillors wish to avoid this eventuality and ensure the Barras returns to its former health and act as a catalyst for wider east end regeneration.


#1 Posted by Anonymous on 18 Nov 2009 at 16:22 PM
The traders should look at the Pike Place Preservation and Development Authority. Pike Place attracts 10million visitors a year and there is no reason the Barras should not have the same reputation. They have very similar premises, backgrounds and provide the same services.
#2 Posted by gazs on 21 Nov 2009 at 10:19 AM
its cumming up for christmas and some people don't have money the barras is a help to everyone in lanarkshire i know some of the time its bad but think about it !! everyone shops there . if local cops kept watch now and again everyone will be fine . u will defo get a bargin in there rather than ur normal local shops

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