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GK+C unamused

August 6 2009

GK+C unamused
The fate of Gillespie Kidd and Coia’s A-listed residential blocks on the outskirts of Bearsden hangs in the balance after Muse developments put forward proposals to demolish the abandoned structures and replace them with a mix of 60 detached homes, 20 flats, twin office pavilions and a 60 bed care home.

Once used by students and priests of the former St Andrew’s College the cubic terraces have lain empty since 1999. The teaching blocks and sports hall having already been demolished for Bearsden Academy, a new Local Authority school built on a PFI contract. Of the five residential blocks two were demolished and three retained with plans to convert to housing, and more housing to be built on the north side of the site.

Muse however claim the buildings are unusable and claim support from both Historic Scotland and East Dunbartonshire Council for the demolition order. A view backed up by Steve Dunsmore over at the Rubble Club:

“It looks to me (untrained as I am in architecture…) as a mix of Orwellian nightmare and East German fantasy. Sadly missed? Probably not.”

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