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Archial tying up Grange Campus project

June 19 2009

Archial architects are working on The Grange Campus project in Kilmarnock, part of a £70 million East Ayrshire Schools PPP project.

The project is being delivered by the First Class Consortium, led by German contractor Hochtief, Barr Construction and McLaughlin and Harvey,

The design of the project was led by Archial Architects Director Kevin Cooper.

“The realisation of the ideal of inclusion at the Grange Campus can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the fact that, from the outset, East Ayrshire Council was passionate about inclusion and was unequivocal in its intent to secure a design of real quality for the campus," he said.

"This intent was then backed by a realistic budget that made its delivery possible. Whenever two consortia are competing to win a PPP project the decision of which of the two to appoint typically boils down to a consideration of the annual unitary charge, that is, how much money a council has to pay back each year to secure the use of the buildings in question, rather than, necessarily, the capital cost of the buildings themselves.

“In the instance of The Grange Campus, however, as both bidders’ proposals were deemed to be affordable, design took precedence over cost. That was a bold decision for East Ayrshire Council to take, but, as it turned out, it was the right one for the pupils who are set to reap the benefits of an educational project that successfully integrates three different schools into one shared building, enhancing their common educational experience in the process.

“Furthermore, the head teachers of all three schools were committed fully to making the campus work and participated actively in the consultation, making valuable contributions to the design process throughout. Indeed, all the various participants in the project shared a common vision of creating a genuinely inclusive educational environment.”

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