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Maunsell have bus fuss sussed

April 1 2009

Maunsell have bus fuss sussed
Plans for a new bus station on King Street, Glasgow, have been floated by Faber Maunsell in a bid tackle city centre congestion and relieve pressure from Buchanan Bus Station.

The new bus hub would serve south side communities from St Enoch’s east, negating the need to negotiate traffic choked transport corridors through the city proper.  It would however reduce options for those wishing to travel from north to south direct.

Poisonous fumes from the inefficient combustion engines of many buses have been cited as a leading cause of air pollution in Glasgow.

Any move to relocate buses here could fit in with longer term aims to build a new city centre rail terminus on the site and could tie up with Argyle Street station. 

SPT have agreed to look at the feasibility of a bus station on the site.

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