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Hillside orchard to see Royston regeneration bear fruit

July 2 2024

Hillside orchard to see Royston regeneration bear fruit

The ongoing regeneration of Royston in Glasgow is to receive a further boost with the delivery of a hillside park and events space.

Benton Scott-Simmons landscape architects will oversee the transformation of a desolate patch of leftover land in Royston brought back to life as a hillside orchard and Cherry Tree walk.

Currently laid to grass, the steeply sloping site is underutilised but will be brought into use with the introduction of a new events hub and play space. As part of this work, it is necessary to route an accessible path from Royston Road into the site, complemented by new tree planting, hedging and shrubs.

Seating, cycle stands, nesting boxes and 'insect hotels' are also planned. The works by Rosemount Development Trust form part of a broader regeneration project for land around the prominent Royston Spire, which seeks to arrest the physical decline of the area by prioritising community spaces and activities over the exclusive provision of more homes.

The new open space will include onward connections to the recently completed Roystonhill Spire & Park, which includes a new community hall built behind the facade of the former Rosemount School. 


Fat Bloke on Tour
#1 Posted by Fat Bloke on Tour on 2 Jul 2024 at 16:13 PM
Civic realm improvements -- once every 8 years.
I know that progress in Glesga is glacial at the moment but that is a pretty poor effort.

Hopefully the budget is appropriate and not another beard for a further tranche of middle class welfare for distressed gentle folk out in the burbs.

Roystonhill desperately needs more trees of any persuasion -- the prairie look in the backcourts is very low rent.

Consequently interesting development -- hopefully it gets maintained.
#2 Posted by Georwell84 on 2 Jul 2024 at 17:17 PM
I would have thought ideal location for a new tenement crescent with trees in front. Maybe that's asking too much.

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