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Holmes Miller to design a new home for Dundee FC

December 22 2023

Holmes Miller to design a new home for Dundee FC

Holmes Miller Architects are to design a new stadium for Dundee Football Club after being appointed to oversee development plans for a proposed mixed-use development at Camperdown.

The practice has worked with LJRH of Dundee, to develop the masterplan which will prepare the ground for a relocation of the club from Dens Park. With a capacity of around 12,500, the stadium will be designed to amplify matchday atmosphere, featuring a home-end safe-standing tribune, activated concourse areas, and LED screens.

The scheme will also feature a 1000-capacity multi-use venue, tiered hospitality experiences, and a 250-capacity brewhall. The stadium will be the centrepiece of a mixed-use destination featuring a 120-room hotel with health and wellbeing facilities, a Dundee FC training centre, residential development, and city crematorium. These will be served by a bus terminal, cycle hub and EV charging facilities.

Ian Cooney, project director, Holmes Miller said: “Our stadium concept will embrace the spirit and heritage of Dens Park, with authenticity key to the design. It will be centred around a modern matchday experience for Dundee fans, with the ability to flex for a variety of cultural and civic events on non-matchdays.”

John Nelms, chief executive, Dundee FC added: “We want to make Dundee Football Club and the stadium campus project a key part of the city’s regeneration, and we have been encouraged by comments from the council that they are committed to helping remove barriers and working with developers to accelerate projects that will help the regeneration."

An application for planning permission in principle will be lodged next year. 


David Nummey
#1 Posted by David Nummey on 28 Dec 2023 at 18:15 PM
No danger of anything sensible, like groundsharing with Dundee United and building a multi use stadium near a major train station.
Tammy Scoosh
#2 Posted by Tammy Scoosh on 4 Jan 2024 at 22:16 PM
couldn't agree more
#3 Posted by Hilloch on 4 Jan 2024 at 22:42 PM
100 thousand million percent, #1! United should be jumping on this bandwagon. Dundee clubs have a history of friendly rivalry, not of the toxic OF / Ugly Sisters variety, this would be a good way to continue in this tradition and provide a welcome shot in the arm for both clubs. That said I do like Tannadice, though Dens has grown in to horrible disrepair, it's possible TD won't be far behind in the coming years what with the financial circus that is Scottish Football. As for location by a train station, that's possible with a big gap site by the railway / tesco by the centre. I can see the logic for having it by the Kingsway too but Camperdown is pure miles out of town so yes it'd be cars and buses all the way, what a shame that would be.
#4 Posted by mcnak on 5 Jan 2024 at 09:15 AM
Better to not do anything than this. The only development worthy of replacing current interesting and distinctive stadiums would be a shared stadium capable of seating 30,000. This would give Dundee a major arena and provide Scotland a ground capable of hosting Euro championships matches outside central belt. Upper tiers could be capable of being closed off to halve capacity for most matches. Otherwise pointless
#5 Posted by Terra_ on 10 Apr 2024 at 03:02 AM
Fully agree with mcnak above.

However they sorely need a new location.
This not the worst.

I hope for a waterfront 30,000 seater near the V&A...

I am a Celtic fan living in Edinburgh most of my life at this point but I support Scottish Football as a whole and want whats best for the collective.
I happen to believe our game is far better than people think but we need ambitious people with clear remits in charge to take us forward and establish proper structure to the way the league works;
It's so vague, I've a sense of the folks in charge deligating responsibility to the teams of the league,
*our* league?
as it is *now?*
Bloody hell no wonder nothing gets done, we need to hire folks, succesful, dynamic with creative vision willing to take responsibility,
We are not *hiring the right people* for the board
with clear remits that commuincate regularly
with the fans, etc. organic growth

Our game is stifled by *parochialism*
and people without the creativity and vision to take
what we have, work it into a viable sporting entertainment product and sell that.

this 'democracy' doesnt work
because it just *can't* in this *form*...

We have, what I believe can be the *best league*
from a small country and like 5 or 6 in the European league co-efficients as a new normal.
It is so frustrating...

Yes; I am also a lefty,
lol firmly planted in the centre left.

: )

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