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Approval granted for Kilmarnock opportunity centre

August 4 2023

Approval granted for Kilmarnock opportunity centre

A popular community centre on Kilmarnock's New Farm Loch estate is set for significant expansion after its refurbishment plans were rubber-stamped by East Ayrshire Council.

O'DonnellBrown Architects are working with Take a Bow Opportunity Centre to upgrade and extend their self-managed facility, taken over from the council following a 2019 asset transfer. Working with the current 1970s concrete structure with a package of repairs and improvements to thermal performance the works centre on operational improvements such as introducing changing rooms with a direct link to the main performance space.

This will be achieved via a wraparound timber colonnade to enhance first impressions and provide a new front entrance. Internally a new lift will improve access to the first floor and the current ground floor toilets, bar and reception will also be reconfigured.

Project architect India Czulowska-Burns said: “We’ve worked closely with the Take A Bow team to develop a design which is closely attuned to both their needs and the needs of the wider community, that reimagines this well-used and well-loved community building. Our objective extends beyond accommodating the trust's requirements; it also focuses on improving the building's fabric performance, while trying to capture the joy of Take A Bow's ethos in the architectural designs.”

The design team have worked closely with Carbon Futures to minimise whole-life carbon emissions from the work, which is expected to get underway in October for completion by August 2024.

A wraparound timber loggia creates a new look from all directions
A wraparound timber loggia creates a new look from all directions
Redesigned acoustics and joinery in the main hall will create a multipurpose space
Redesigned acoustics and joinery in the main hall will create a multipurpose space


Graeme McCormick
#1 Posted by Graeme McCormick on 4 Aug 2023 at 16:47 PM
no obesity in Kilmarnock according to the illustrations
Isabella Paton
#2 Posted by Isabella Paton on 5 Aug 2023 at 22:23 PM
I'm getting concerned about money being spent on these things instead of something being done for care homes as they seem to be the forgotten minions. Don't you think it's time to help them nothing seems ever to be done to help their lives and it's getting worse
Laura Donald
#3 Posted by Laura Donald on 7 Aug 2023 at 10:15 AM
This is a private venture, not being paid for by the Governemt or the local authority. I don't think Take A Bow have any connection to care homes, so what they do with their money, is their business.
Its a fabulous centre that is well used. Kids have great opportunities and the new facilities will make it more accessible to all!!

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