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Signage push spells success for Aberdeen

May 12 2023

Signage push spells success for Aberdeen

Aberdeen is making a name for itself with moveable lettering spelling out the city's name to be installed at high-traffic locations.

Intended to boost footfall and social media activity the marketing initiative is being funded by business development agency Aberdeen Inspired and manufactured by Luxous Group.

Extending to 14m each cor-ten steel letter will be backlit by an LED screen, allowing the display to be customised for special events and occasions such as Halloween and Valentine's Day.

Luxous stated: "It’s not unknown that Aberdeen is a tad late in joining cities around Europe with large letters displaying its name; but this can be turned around into a positive factor – we now know what’s already on the scene. Therefore, we can use this to our advantage. Most lit letters have solid colour changes, all colours changing at the same time. We propose that the faces would be made of Opal (white translucent) polycarbonate. -Very similar to acrylic, but far more hard wearing.

"We propose to manufacture a screen that would sit behind this. The screen would be made up of thousands of LEDs, smart LEDs that have microchips in them that allow us to control each one individually. This enables us to make the lights do whatever we want. Using computer software, we then draw the letters on our software and can then effectively turn each letter into an individual screen."

The installation is expected to be in use for a minimum of five years. 


#1 Posted by MV on 12 May 2023 at 12:01 PM
You're just messing with us now, UR!!
Ebbe Skovdahl
#2 Posted by Ebbe Skovdahl on 12 May 2023 at 17:05 PM
These look fantastic! Imagine strolling through Aberdeen and suddenly being faced with gigantic metal letters screaming "Aberdeen" at you. It's impossible to ignore! These bold and striking sculptures would be like the rockstars of landmarks, demanding attention and making sure everyone knows they've arrived in the city. Who needs a GPS when you can just follow the gleam of these metal giants?
When tourists and locals encounter these humongous letters, they won't just see a random jumble of metal. Oh no! These sculptural wonders are a testament to Aberdeen's unrivaled pride, history, and cultural significance. Each letter stands tall, whispering stories of the vibrant character and the unique sense of belonging that define this marvelous city.
In the era of Instagram fame and Facebook likes, people are always hunting for the perfect backdrop to fuel their social media presence. Enter the Aberdeen metal letter extravaganza! These mammoth-sized sculptures would provide the ultimate selfie playground. Tourists would flock to these jaw-dropping installations, desperate to snap the perfect shot for their followers. #AberdeenAdventures #LetterLove #MetalMarvels
Sure, the visual appeal of giant metal letters is undeniable, but let's not forget the best part—humor! Picture yourself walking down the street, and out of nowhere, you spot these enormous letters. They're so big that they can't help but make you giggle. Passersby won't be able to resist taking a pause, cracking a smile, or even striking a hilarious pose beside these colossal characters. Who said art can't be funny?
Soon enough, these colossal metal letters would become the most recognizable landmarks in Aberdeen. Locals would beam with pride, while visitors would eagerly seek out these iconic symbols. The result? A frenzy of foot traffic around the installations, potentially boosting local businesses and making "Aberdeen's Metal Letter Extravaganza" the hottest tourist attraction since sliced bread.
With giant metal sculptural lettering, Aberdeen would reach new heights of attention-grabbing glory. They'd become the stars of social media feeds, the embodiment of the city's spirit, and the reason why tourists can't resist exploring Aberdeen's hidden treasures. So, grab your cameras, strike a pose, and let the metal magic of "Aberdeen" take your breath away!
#3 Posted by BBoxBN on 14 May 2023 at 18:30 PM
The article seems to be bit out of date - I believe it's been created and already in the first location.
#4 Posted by Spell-Checker on 14 May 2023 at 22:40 PM
I think you'll find it's spelt 'Aiberdein'.
Anna Gram
#5 Posted by Anna Gram on 15 May 2023 at 14:05 PM
Given this fine Doric city's increasing reliance on food banks, could the letters be rearranged to say "NAE BREED" ?

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