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Never Drill Again!

November 25 2008

Never Drill Again!
“Never Drill Again!” proclaims the promotional branding and true to their word a new range of Bathroom Accessories & Doorstops from Red Dot Products Ltd entirely does away with the cumbersome need to penetrate solid surfaces.

The novel "Never Drill Again!" attachment system incorporates an innovative glue clamp that entirely does away with all drill related tomfoolery which has proven the downfall of many an ambitious DIY’er.

Shattered tiles, burst pipes, punctured walls and electrocution are all banished to memory with simple non-invasive technology to cater for every bathroom’s accessory want and door stopping need.

Ranging from racks, baskets, holders and hooks no appliance will be left without a home in a “Never Drill Again!” equipped bathroom.

Red Dot Products Ltd are the Sole Distributor of “Never Drill Again!” to UK trade and operate direct to the public via  This site serves as the main storefront containing the full product range and a short video demonstrating the technique in action.

The site is structured so that registered trade customers can obtain an account and order online at wholesale/trade prices.

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