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Affordable homes to improve accessibility in Kelvindale

August 30 2022

Affordable homes to improve accessibility in Kelvindale

Convery Prenty Shields Architects with West of Scotland Housing Association and Maryhill Housing have opened a three-week consultation into a revised residential development at Kelvindale.

1.5 acres of vacant ground opposite 35 Dalsholm Road, bounded by railway lines to the north and south, is proposed to host an unspecified number of affordable homes for rent in an update to a 2019 consent.

Built by Apsis Construction the housing will be a mix of flats and terraces accessible from a new traffic light controlled junction. Safe pedestrian access across the busy Kelvindale Bridge to Kelvindale Station to the south will be introduced as part of the plans. In a consultation statement the architects wrote: “Between the rail line and the canal is Kelvindale Rail Station, which opened in 2005 and serves the residential area of Kelvindale to the south of the canal and nominally serves the land-uses to the north of the site beyond the West Highland rail line including Dawsholm Industrial Estate the Dawsholm Waste Transfer Station and Recycling Centre and Dawsholm Park. 

“The access to these northern land-uses is via the narrow Kelvindale Overbridge, which carries the busiest section of Dalsholm Road. There are currently no footpaths on the bridge and pedestrians accessing the station to the south or the park and places of employment to the north must walk on the road surface between the parapets and the vehicles on the bridge. These frequently include the heavy goods vehicles from the industrial estate and waste transfer station.”

Subject to a successful planning application the development could break ground in the summer of 2023 for completion by 2027.

The triangular site extends to 300m in length
The triangular site extends to 300m in length


Mary Hill
#1 Posted by Mary Hill on 30 Aug 2022 at 11:27 AM
Is that really a garden in the shape of a leaf in the top right corner...??
Craig Sanderson
#2 Posted by Craig Sanderson on 30 Aug 2022 at 15:25 PM
How many/what proportion of the 'affordable' new homes will be for social rent?
#3 Posted by John on 31 Aug 2022 at 10:03 AM
Have you tried actually reading the article ?

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