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Police deny move

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24 Jun 2008

East Strathclyde Police has denied reports that it is planning to relocate its headquarters into the east end of Glasgow, although Chief Constable Stephen House has confirmed that the organisation is planning to move from its divisional headquarters at Pitt Street in Glasgow within the next five years.

House had said that the proposed move was being considered as part of a five year plan for the future of the force. The Strathclyde Police chief confirmed that he had told journalists that moving to a new location in either Dalmarnock or Bridgeton was being looked at, but no decision had been made and nothing could be confirmed at this stage.

"We will at some point in the next five years have to re-site or at least start planning to resite our headquarters," House confirmed in a statement. He would not be drawn on the likely location of the forces' future HQ, but sources in the Police told Prospect that an east end location was under consideration.

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