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The Zit Building Award

For the worst building completed since the last awards

Airdrie Health Centre (North Lanarkshire)

Airdrie Health Centre
Reason for nomination: The building is just one big white block slapped into the town centre with no thought of creativity and energy. Due to high volumes of road traffic going by it, it will most likely fade into a dull grey matching the rest of the towns large concrete monstrosities Nominated by: Scott

Beacon Arts Centre (Inverclyde)

Beacon Arts Centre
An estimated cost of completion is £9.3 million for the infill of the historical East India dry dock and what do we get for it 3 boxes with a flat roof IN GREENOCK. The building takes away from the look of the Custom House next to it and is totally out of place.

Nominated by: Tam Smith


This is a poured concrete box with absolutely no character whatsoever built next to a fine example of quality building

A. Kerr


Reason for nomination: Presently in Inverclyde the Inverkip power station and all it's outbuildings are being demolished.this new building looks as if one of these uotbuildings has been salvaged brought up the Clyde and dumped on the quay side for future use. God help the people that will have to use the front entrance as the wind and rain will drive straight at it. The architect that came up with this design should have visited the site in person, instead he must have viewed our town on Goggle maps or something. Very very pour design and sad for Greenock
Nominated by: A.E.


Reason for nomination: The new arts centre is astounding, inside, but from the outside, and more so at night when its lit up it looks like an extension to the local container terminal. What is even more unappealing is the fact that its location and size makes it dwarf Greenock's finest building, the Custom House itself. Truly idiotic planning and architecture. (can this not be up for 2 categories in 2013?)

Nominated by: Unamused Inverclyde Resident

Carnoustie Links Golf Club (Tayside)

Carnoustie Links Golf Club
This new building resembles Hitler's bunker or a £2.4m hole in the ground. The internal space management is a shocking piece of space management.

If only the designers and planners had ventured over to St Andrews where two new clubhouses have recently been built!

John Reid

Emirates Arena (Glasgow)

Emirates Arena
A grey box which does nothing to instill anything of the spirit of sporting prowess that takes place within.

Larkhall Leisure & Community Centre (South Lanarkshire)

Larkhall Leisure & Community Centre
This building is an eyesore when viewed from the town railway station park and ride, next to the Asda construction site. This is where most visitors and locals will see it.

Over the previous 10 years, most of South Lanarkshire's Leisure and community centres were replaced, but for some reason the council wouldn't fund the replacement of this monstrosity.

Nominated by: Robert Jackson

Queensferry Lifeboat Station (Edinburgh)

Queensferry Lifeboat Station
Extremely ugly new two storey building plonked on a Historic Pier, blocking views of the Forth Bridge, Scotland’s best landmark and cornering in a beautiful old sandstone lighthouse so that it cannot be seen.

Renfrew Street walkover (Glasgow)

Renfrew Street walkover
It is a disgrace and need to be demolished ASAP.

UNITE Student Halls (Glasgow)

UNITE Student Halls
Appallingly cheap looking building in a prominent location in otherwise picturesque area. Massive concrete foundations mean it will probably last forever, sadly.

Nominated by: David McL

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